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Bluewater Vacation Homes
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5 Things to Know About Bluewater Vacation Homes San Diego:

  1. There Are Homes in Different Area Codes: Bluewater Vacation Rentals San Diego has homes in virtually every part of the county. There are beachfront homes in Pacific Beach and La Jolla and luxury estates in the North County community of Rancho Santa Fe. No matter how big or small of a house you’re looking for, Bluewater Vacation Homes San Diego has you covered.
  2. Pets Can Come for a Cost: Many of the homes rented out by San Diego Bluewater Vacation Homes have a no-pet policy. However, there are some homes that allow pets. The limit for pets is two and each animal must be approved beforehand. A $100 minimum fee is charged for each pet and is nonrefundable.
  3. Ticket Discounts Are Available: One of the best things about booking a home with Bluewater Vacation Homes San Diego is that you get access to discounted tickets to some of the hottest attractions in America’s Finest City and Southern California. The discounts available vary, so be sure to ask when you’re booking about which attractions you can purchase tickets for.
  4. You Can Have it Your Way: Just because you aren’t staying at a hotel doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of concierge services. The staff of Bluewater Vacation Rentals San Diego goes the extra mile to ensure that your stay is perfect. You can request the fridge of your rental to be fully stocked with your favorite food, order an in-home massage, request swim lessons, ask for help setting up tours and much, much more.
  5. The Locations Can’t Be Beat: The best vacation homes are located in the best spots of town. It’s a fact. When it comes to location, Bluewater Vacation Homes San Diego has got you covered. Its numerous beach locations ensure that you’ll never be far from the water. The Downtown San Diego and North County locations are ideal for those who want to experience something other than sand and surf.

Why It’s AwesomeBluewater Vacation Homes San Diego puts you right in the middle of the action in America’s Finest City. Its properties are spread across some of San Diego’s finest communities and allow you to see what it’s like to live as a local. All of the homes are well-maintained and feature luxury amenities that make top hotels look like campsites! Why confine yourself in a hotel room when you can roam around an entire vacation house?

  • Tourists Can Feel Like Locals: Many people dislike being labeled as “tourists” while on vacation. While San Diego Bluewater Vacation Homes can’t eliminate your desire to take photos of famous landmarks or prevent you from wearing shoes to the beach, it can let you live like a San Diegan. The homes offered by Bluewater Vacation Homes San Diego let you live the California dream. You can swim in the backyard and open your front door and walk to the beach just like a real San Diegan, and then head out to some of the top San Diego attractions!
  • Everything Is Taken Care Of: Planning a vacation can be stressful enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything once you’ve arrived at your destination. Bluewater Vacation Rentals San Diego takes care of virtually everything. They can stock your fridge and find babysitters for your children and also help you plan out an itinerary filled with fun activities in San Diego.
  • The Locations Can’t Be Beat: A lot of San Diego hotels can get you close to the beach and get you a great view (maybe), but Bluewater Vacation Rentals San Diego offers you a chance to stay in the middle of the action in a massive house. Whether you want to enjoy the nightlife of Pacific Beach or the shopping of La Jolla, you’ll be able to find a home that meets your needs.

Local Scoop: Bluewater Vacation Homes San Diego features top properties in the city’s best neighborhoods. Those who want to host friends and family while on vacation in America’s Finest City or those who just want to enjoy the comforts of home will want to check out Bluewater Vacation Rentals San Diego.

Do’s and Don’ts: 

  • Do Research Before You Pick a Home: San Diego’s neighborhoods may seem like they have a lot in common, but each one has something different to offer. Don’t think that all beach or inland communities are alike! Do your research on the area your rental home is in to find out if the neighborhood is right for you and if it’s near the San Diego attractions you want to see.
  • Do Ask About Stocking the Fridge: Why shop for yourself when Bluewater Vacation Homes San Diego will do the work for you? Ask about grocery service before you check into your rental home.
  • Don’t Worry About Toiletries: All of the properties rented by San Diego Bluewater Vacation Homes come with a “starter kit” that includes bath soap, shampoo, towels and other bathroom necessities.
  • Don’t Forget the Discounted Tickets: Ask about the discounted attraction tickets offered by Bluewater Vacation Homes San Diego. Chances are you’ll be able to save a bunch of cash on many top San Diego attractions.

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