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Blush Ice Bar - Drink & Dine

Blush Ice Bar - Drink & Dine

Blush Ice Bar
555 Market Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Mon - Fri 3pm - 2am Sat & Sun 11am - 2am

Blush Ice Bar - Drink & Dine Information

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Top 5 Things to Know About Blush Ice Bar

  1. The Cocktails: Blush Ice Bar serves innovative cocktails and fare that's a blend of both Western and Eastern influences. Examples of some of the foods that are available on the bar menu include shaking beef tenderloin, sushi tacos, Baja stone crab claws, baby back ribs, Baja white shrimp, whole crispy snapper and garlic noodles. Examples of notable beverages include sour apple whiskey and kiwi punch.
  2. The Ambiance: The atmosphere at Blush Ice Bar is contemporary and cool. At the same time, it's also extremely laid-back and welcoming. People who want to relax in casual settings are sure to appreciate the vibe at this popular space.
  3. The Team: Blush Ice Bar is run by the team of Russ Fukushima and Taylor Kim, a pair of lifelong friends who were raised in Hawaii. Since they both have always been extremely enthusiastic about food, they decided to go into business together by opening the bar.
  4. The Reviews: Blush Ice Bar is critically acclaimed. Various prominent and well-known publications have had positive things to say about it. The noted restaurant review guide Zagat hailed Blush Ice Bar's launch as being among the most eagerly awaited of the entire season at the time.
  5. The Convenience: Making reservations to eat and drink at Blush Wine Bar is a piece of cake. People can do so by calling the establishment directly. They can also take advantage of the online reservation option that's available on the bar's official website. People can make group reservations easily online, as well.

Why It's Awesome

Blush Ice Bar is undeniably awesome because the people who frequent it appear to truly, truly enjoy the beverage and food options that are available. Diners at the bar genuinely seem to admire the bold and unique choices in foods that aren't easy to find anywhere else in San Diego. People also seem to love Blush Ice Bar's friendly and comfortable atmosphere. People who want to take it easy in settings that aren't stiff and stuffy are sure to love the easy, "go with the flow" feel of Blush Ice Bar.

Blush Ice Bar is also awesome because of its extremely convenient and accessible location in bustling downtown San Diego. Not only is the bar close to many of the city's major businesses and companies, but it's also close to prominent cultural draws such as concert venues and art galleries. People who walk out of Blush Ice Bar have quick access to a vast number of the best things that the vibrant Southern California metropolis has to offer, period. 

The drinking and dining establishment is a wonderful place for guests to socialize and meet terrific new people. Since the atmosphere at Blush Ice Bar is so welcoming, laid-back and pleasant, it's easy for people to strike up conversations with others who have a lot in common with them. People who would love to mingle with new faces and enjoy amazing conversations are sure to have a blast during a night out at Blush Ice Bar. 

The bar, last but not least, is also awesome because of its relatively affordable prices. People who are sick and tired of paying exorbitant sums to enjoy quality drinks and food in downtown San Diego are sure to feel refreshed by the affordable prices available at Blush Ice Bar. Drinking and eating at Blush Ice Bar in no way has to harm the wallet.

The Local Scoop

People should be sure to stop by Blush Ice Bar during business hours to not waste precious time. The bar opens at 3:00PM and then closes at 2:00AM on weekdays. Weekend hours begin at 11:00AM and end at 2:00AM. It's located conveniently on Market Street close to local places of interest such as the Horton Grand Hotel, Ghirardelli Chocolate, the East Village Tavern + Bowl, Hotel Solamar and much more.'s

Do's and Don'ts

Do show up to Blush Ice Bar wearing casual, comfortable and stylish clothing. You can also stroll into the bar wearing exactly what you wore at your nearby office job. Just don't show up to the bar looking too formal and dressed up. Blush Ice Bar is definitely not a destination that's suited to evening wear, sequins and the like. Keep things simple and subtle when you stop by Blush Ice Bar for a night of relaxation and good, old fashioned fun.

Don't risk showing up at Blush Ice Bar without having made a reservation in advance. Since Blush Ice Bar can get extremely packed with people, it's smart and sensible to plan ahead and reserve your spot. Since making reservations to visit is such a simple and quick process, there's absolutely no excuse not to do so. It's especially crucial to make reservations if you plan on visiting the bar with a group of several other people. 

Don't go to Blush Ice Bar if you're expecting to sip on standard, run-of-the-mill cocktails. The whole point at Blush Ice Bar is to delight everyone with beverage options that are far from ordinary and everyday. The same applies to the food at Blush Ice Bar. If a person is looking to nosh on classic American comfort foods such as bacon cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, French fries, grilled cheese sandwiches and buffalo wings, this bar is not a good option. This bar, however, is perfect for adventurous eaters who love the fresh tastes of foods that were influenced by both Western and Eastern cultures.

Genereal Information

People who want more information about Blush Ice Bar in San Diego can visit the business' official website. The bar also has detailed presences on popular social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. People who want to keep up with news on the bar can follow those accounts.

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