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Encinitas Surf Lessons In San Diego

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Encinitas Surf Lessons In San Diego

Surf in Encinitas, San Diego!
Encinitas, CA
(760) 846-6894

Encinitas Surf Lessons In San Diego Information

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Learn more about Encinitas Surf Lessons In San Diego...
  • Surf Lessons in San Diego with Purpose and Passion

  • Proven Methods And Dedicated Instructors Guarantee To Get You Standing In No Time!

  • Conquer Your Fears With Confidence And Become Connected With The Ocean

Top 5 Things to Know About Encinitas Surf Lessons

  1. Customized Group and Personal Surf Instruction: Jason and his team of surf instructors are friendly, fun and provide dynamic teaching in the water. Their 25 years of experience and skill are ready to accommodate groups and individuals of all ages and experience. Whether you're trying surfing for the first time or wanting to improve your style, Encinitas Surf Lessons will have you standing and catching waves in no time.
  2. Competitively Priced Single Lessons and Lesson Packages:

    **Packages are highly recommended for optimal results!

    Private Lessons
    • One-On-One: $120.00
    • Package of 3 Lessons: $320.00 [Savings of $40.00]
    • Package of 6 Lessons: $600.00 [Savings of $120.00]
    Group Lessons

    Single Instructor for groups up to 3 people and a max group of six with 2 instructors

    • One Lesson: $85.00 [Bring at least two friends and save $20.00 at $75.00 each]
    • Package of 3 Lessons: $225.00 [Savings of $40.00]
    • Package of 6 Lessons: $400.00 [Savings of $110.00]
    Group Lessons With 4 or More

    Your own group with 2 instructors

    • Package of 3 Lessons: $175.00 [Savings of $80.00]
    • Package of 6 Lessons: $300.00 [Savings of $240.00]
  3. Surf Boards and Wetsuits Provided: All lessons are 2 hours long and include both a surf board and wetsuit that are fitted for your height, weight and surfing ability. Whether just flying in for the weekend or enjoying a long stay, the convenience provided by Encinitas Surf has you jumping into the water prepared.
  4. Central Coastal Location: With an ideal central location, Encinitas Surf Lessons proudly serves all of San Diego County from Oceanside, Carlsbad, Solana Beach and down to Del Mar, La Jolla and more!
  5. Safety and Experience: The surf instructors at Encinitas Surf Lessons are CPR-certified and emphasize safety first in their lessons and classes. Kids of all ages are also taken care of very well and provided with safe and fitted gear. The wisdom and instruction provided will not only guarantee to get you standing up on the first day, but will also help you tackle your fears with strength.

Also offered are fun and unique classes unlike anything else in San Diego!

Surfing for Empowerment: Learn what it means to experience 'oneness' with the ocean and a spiritual connection to something much larger than us

  • Enjoy playfulness and connection with others in an exciting and empowering surf group
  • Face fears and challenges together or in partnership with your instructor
  • Apply surfing's healing and transformative energy to every aspect of daily life
  • Bring your learned insights back home and inspire others with passion, purpose and commitment
  • 3 Hour Session: $85.00 per person [Board & Wetsuit Included]
  • Classes are usually from 10am to 1pm on specific Saturdays - Call Jason today for more information at (760) 846-6894

Ocean Therapy: A guided healing experience that teaches you how to become empowered and soothed by the ocean

  • Move past your fear of the ocean with gentle and guided exploration time
  • Realize the power for deep transformation is within you
  • Enjoy the ocean! It's a healing modality that will help you become one with source
  • Jason Weber is an advanced surfer and a specialist in Emotional Freedom Technique, which involves tapping body areas while reciting affirmations
  • Individual Ocean Therapy sessions last 2 hours, with 30-45 minutes spent using EFT before entering the water and the rest of the time spent in or near the water
  • Guests can surf, paddle, swim and wade in the ocean
  • 2 Hour Session: $130.00 / Package of 3 Sessions: $350.00

Guaranteed to have you standing in no time, Encinitas Surf Lessons are here to provide a personalized, safe and professional ocean experience. Book some lessons today and start catching waves in no time!

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