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The commercial area surrounding Los Angeles is perfect for a dinner and a movie combo, if you’re feeling like a cinema-themed trip up the coast.
In Mr. Popper's Penguins, Carrey (Mr.
brams wrote and directed Super 8 – the first big popcorn movie of the summer, and it's going to be huge.
It’s the story of an '80s porn star who is a single mother, lives in a trailer, drinks too much, and doesn’t make the smartest decisions.
The last Pirates of the Caribbean had the fellas looking for the Fountain of Youth. In the new documentary How To Live Forever, filmmaker Mark Wexler does the same thing.
When it was all said and done, the only character I really cared about was the dog.
The fresh blood and script, which director Matthew Vaughn co-wrote with four others, makes X-Men: First Class a lot of fun.
Woody Allen had tackled New York so often on film; he then went to England, and then hit Barcelona. This is his love letter to France.
The best sitcom ever, was Taxi. It’s not even close.
The new villain for Po the Panda (Jack Black) to face is Lord Shen, voiced by someone that's probably done at least 10 villains on film: Gary Oldman (most recently the go
If you want to be able to keep up with all your co-workers that saw this over the weekend, you better go. I’m guessing most people will be glad they did.
The Double Hour was good and original enough, that it was fun watching while being reminded of Miller's Crossing, House of Games, The Conversation, and mostly of Blow Out
I always give screenwriters a hard time for badly written films, or scenarios filled with clichés.
Wrestling legend Macho Man Randy Savage tragically died in a car accident in Tampa, Florida this morning when he suffered a heart attack while driving his 2009 Jeep Wrangler.
Yesterday, Fox has made the announcement that the animation TV series The Flintstones, which ran for six seasons with 166 episodes from 1960 – ’66, is being brought to Fox as


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