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San Diego Civic Theatre

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San Diego Civic Theatre

San Diego Civic Theatre
San Diego Civic Theatre
1100 3rd Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

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Top 5 Things To Know About San Diego Civic Theatre

  1. Getting Here: San Diego Civic Theatre is located downtown, where the San Diego nightlife is hopping and the options for things to do are endless! Head to downtown San Diego early and get your spot at The Concourse Parkade. This is the on-site parking structure for San Diego Civic Theatre. With eleven stories and 1,150 parking spaces, you'll be able to park easily and head to your show at Civic Theatre San Diego.
  2. What To Wear: Make it a special occasion! Audiences that come to this San Diego theatre often dress like they would for a nice restaurant dinner. Some guests like to wear tuxedos and sparkling gowns to the San Diego Civic Theatre. Other guests wear business suits or blazers. You can even see guests wearing a clean pair of jeans and a polo shirt to San Diego Civic Theatre. Although San Diego audiences dress more casually for the theatre than audiences in other cities, San Diego Civic Theatre recommends wearing what you think looks nice and dressy.
  3. Bringing Children: Instilling a love of theatre in younger audience members is a great goal, and San Diego Civic Theatre encourages you to bring your children to age-appropriate shows. Take a look at the plays being shown at San Diego Civic Theatre and determine which shows will be enjoyable for your kids based on their ages and maturity levels. While some shows at San Diego Civic Theatre may be too loud and have content meant for more mature audiences, some shows are great for families.
  4. Orchestra Seating: If you'd like to sit in the area closest to the stage, get tickets for San Diego Civic Theatre's orchestra section. You'll enjoy extra leg room to stretch out and relax during the show at San Diego Civic Theatre. The orchestra section has four wheelchair locations with companion seats. Guests can get to the orchestra section by using one of two sloped walkways. See the stage easily from your seat here at San Diego Civic Theatre!
  5. Equipment Rentals: To maximize your enjoyment of the show at San Diego Civic Theatre, you can rent binoculars for $5. You'll be able to watch the program clearly with these useful binoculars. Depending on where you're seated at San Diego Civic Theatre, renting binoculars may be an option that sounds good to you. This San Diego theatre also offers free hearing-assistance devices to theatre guests.

San Diego Civic Theatre brings great talent to America's Finest City. Watch an off-Broadway play at Civic Theatre San Diego for a riveting evening on the town. San Diego Civic Theatre is located in the Gaslamp Quarter and offers on-site parking in The Concourse Parkade. Because of this San Diego theatre's location in the bustling downtown area, it is recommended that you arrive at least an hour before the show. From time to time, Civic Theatre San Diego offers family-friendly shows that can inspire your children and help them develop a love of theatre. Parents will want to check to see if a particular show is meant for more mature audiences or is suitable for the ages and maturity levels of their kids.

Civic Theatre San Diego encourages guests to wear something dressy. Some guests at San Diego Civic Theatre choose to wear tuxedos and gowns, while other guests opt for a nice pair of jeans and a polo shirt. It can feel more like a special occasion when you have fun and get dressed up for your visit to San Diego Civic Theatre. This San Diego theatre gets you closest to the stage if you purchase tickets for the orchestra section. Treat yourself and your date to these great seats. To enjoy the show as much as possible, San Diego Civic Theatre also offers $5 binocular rentals and free hearing-assistance devices.

  • Do Head Here An Hour Before Curtain: Plan to arrive in downtown at least 60 minutes before your San Diego Civic Theatre show. Doing so will help you avoid traffic delays near the Gaslamp Quarter, give you time to park and let you relax knowing that you have time to spare before the show.
  • Don't Bring Cameras: Enjoy the play at San Diego Civic Theatre without worrying about snapping pictures and getting video footage. Some things are best experienced in person - and you'll be glad that you devoted all your attention to watching the play live. Civic Theatre San Diego prohibits taking photographic, video and audio recordings.

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