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Golden Acorn Casino

Golden Acorn Casino

Golden Acorn Casino
1800 Golden Acorn Way
Campo, CA 91906

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Top 5 Things To Know About Golden Acorn Casino

  1. MMA Cage Fighting: See action-packed fights at Golden Acorn Casino! It's tons of fun to watch live sports up close at Golden Acorn San Diego. When you're in the mood for something really exciting and aggressive, checking out MMA cage  fighting at Casino Golden Acorn can be the way to go. San Diego Golden Acorn even hosts an after party on the casino floor, so stay after the match for all the festivities!
  2. Bingo: This game isn't just for old people anymore. Playing bingo at Golden Acorn Casino can earn you pretty great prizes, and that can be a nice way to get richer without having to put in a day's work. Golden Acorn San Diego invites you and your friends to hang out, have fun and play bingo for payout prizes. 
  3. Senior Day: Speaking of being a senior, if you are one, you're in luck! Golden Acorn Casino makes sure that you feel like a VIP because "Every Day Is A Senior Day". From 5am to 10pm daily, seniors get 5 Gold Points and $5 Free Play. Other people might knock aging as something they'd prefer not to go through - but you, on the other hand, sing praises for it because you get perks at San Diego Golden Acorn.
  4. Football Frenzy: Football season is a great time to be at Golden Acorn Casino. You never know when you might be a winner! On Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays between noon and 9pm, a random winner is chosen every hour. Casino Golden Acorn finds ways to make more people winners, and that gives you greater chances of earning prizes too! Among things to do in San Diego, visiting Golden Acorn Casino (especially for Football Frenzy) is a fun way to spend the day. 
  5. Thursday Gift Days: Things get even sweeter at Golden Acorn San Diego on Thursdays. When you're a winner on Thursdays, you're really a winner because you get Gold Points as well as a gift. Casino Golden Acorn rewards those who have won 100 Gold Points with a special present. It might feel like the holidays or your birthday, but it's actually just another exciting Thursday at San Diego's Golden Acorn Casino. 

Golden Acorn Casino is a place to play games, gamble and earn prizes. Casino Golden Acorn is a San Diego attraction that's great for adults! Seniors get treated especially well at Golden Acorn San Diego. For those who are in their golden years, San Diego Golden Acorn is the place to be. In fact, Golden Acorn Casino features "Every Day Is A Senior Day", which gives seniors 5 Gold Points and $5 Free Play daily. Golden Acorn San Diego has great bingo games to keep you entertained during your visit, too! See if Lady Luck is on your side during a bingo game at Golden Acorn Casino.

Golden Acorn San Diego has MMA cage fighting events that are lots of fun to watch. Better than any televised sports, MMA cage fighting at San Diego Golden Acorn is live and in front of your eyes, adding a level of excitement that TV just can't convey. Golden Acorn Casino knows that MMA cage fighting can get your adrenaline up and that you'll have energy to celebrate afterwards. That's why Golden Acorn San Diego has an after-party on the casino floor! You and your friends are invited to socialize, drink and have fun at Golden Acorn Casino.

  • Do Watch A Cage Fight: See all the action at Golden Acorn San Diego, when MMA cage fighting events get the crowd roaring with excitement.
  • Don't Miss Bingo: Be a winner and play this game at Golden Acorn Casino. You played it as a kid, you'll play it as a senior, and you can play it now to see how lucky you are today!

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