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San Diego Entertainment

Top 5 Videos of Fans Interrupting Charger Games
We've all see it, no matter the city, stadium or game.
Study Produces Positive Steps in HIV/FIV Fight, and Glowing Cats
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have had research published showcasing 'glowing' cats, part of a larger study targeting on fighting diseases such as AIDS via transgen
Battlefield 3 Beta Date Announcement, Additional Details
This morning, early purchasers of the upcoming Electronic Arts FPS game, Battlefield 3 (BF3) were greeted with an invitation email in their inbox.
Blizzcon 2011 Recap: What You Missed
A foreboding tune marched through the air as a mist-filled, dimly-lit Anaheim Convention Center held the 6th annual Blizzcon, hosted by popular video game developers, Blizzard
Top 10 Video Games of 2011
The Total War series has churned out numerous quality installments, consistently tweaking successful real time strategy formulas to suit their historic settings.
Twixt, Knights of Badassdom, and Snow White and the Huntsman
As a film lover, the first large panel on Saturday peaked my interest more than any other. Iconic director Francis Ford Coppola not only brought brand new 3-D...


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