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The LOT is a luxury theater concept with a full restaurant, bar and café bakery. With one the best venues in San Diego for private events such as weddings, birthdays, etc.

San Diego International Film Festival offers a totally unique film experience; including world premieres, never before seen studio releases, the best in independent filmmak

San Diego Film Festival

San Diego Film Festival showcases great independent films during this five day event so visitors can attend film screenings and learn more about the films during industry p

UltraStar Cinemas

UltraStar Cinemas, recognized for pioneering the digital age of cinema, UltraStar was the first theater group in the world to be fully equipped with Pure Digital Cinema® po

The five-day San Diego Film Festival has come and gone, and organizers say even in a down economy, and with early competition from home Padres games, attendance at...
The San Diego Film Festival was expecting about 12,000 guests for its five-day run.
Day Three of the San Diego Film Festival left me filled with moral indignation. That, actually, is the intention of filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, whose new...
Actress Jenna Fischer didn't show up in person at the San Diego Film Festival, but her new movie, A Little Help, was funny and touching. SanDiego.com had the...
The new film Morning is a pas-de-deux of grief, tracking the intense misery of a husband and wife whose child accidentally dies. It was a heavy opening presentation...
There's a reason you should show up late to watch most mainstream movies: to miss the 15 minutes of previews the chain theaters show. These are trailers you've...
Brit Marling & Director Mike Cahill Talk About Another Earth's Duality, Science
It's the grand story of sudden life-changing events, like a devastating car accident or the sudden appearance of a duplicate Earth in the sky, but also the...
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Human see, human do; this sums up the tenuous depth of character in Rupert Wyatt’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, an uninspired but competently made prequel to 1968’s Planet
A lovely and earnest throwback to the Women’s pictures of the 1940’s, The Help buzzes with energy and passion for life’s inalienable rights.
MOVIE REVIEW: The Whistleblower
What exactly is the role of the film director? The answer to this question remains subjective and depends on an artist’s particular ambition or story’s relative size.
MOVIE REVIEW: 30 Minutes or Less
Considering the film’s kidnapping plot and focus on small-time criminals, I couldn’t help but wonder what Joel and Ethan Coen’s version of 30 Minutes or Less would look like.


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