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The sign of a good film is when a common movie scene is done convincingly. There are a handful of scenes like that in this.
MOVIE REVIEW: Cowboys and Aliens
Aside from the concept of aliens invading in 1875, instead of modern day times (or the future), a lot of this is derivative of other westerns and alien invasion pictures you’v
DOCUMENTARY REVIEW: Beats, Rhymes, and Life
As an actor, Michael Rapaport often plays the same types of characters. He plays them well.
MOVIE REVIEW: Friends With Benefits
Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake discuss world affairs and have lots of sex.
If A Tree Falls suggests an allegorical and social tipping point in its title, stressing the power of the present decisive...
Haywire, The Raven, Underworld Awakening, Attack the Block
The San Diego Comic-Con was in full swing Friday afternoon with hoards of ravenous super-fans filling the epic entertainment sanctuary known as Hall H for. . .
With Comic-Con invading San Diego this weekend, it’s the perfect time for this movie – the last of the Marvel Comics set-up super heroes for next summer’s huge Avengers.
A subtitled foreign film about Tourette Syndrome
Director Chris Weitz was behind the movie About a Boy. He also did American Pie, The Golden Compass, and a Twilight film.
Terri contemplates the dilemma of surfaces and interiors, yet feels completely in tune with its own unique rules of the teenage game.
Ralph Feinnes plays a creepy, evil Voldemort that looks like the love child of Vin Diesel and Michael Jackson.
“People were doing it because they felt it.
Thanks to the power of the Internet, a Marine's YouTube request to go on a date with Mila Kunis got through to the actress, who said yes.
I wasn’t a fan, but this movie makes The Tree of Life feel like Star Wars. And even though I was disappointed with The Tree of Life, at least I was never bored.
That being said, it’s going to be this summers Hangover. This movie is the male’s answer to Bridesmaids. Oh wait…that was the female answer to Hangover.


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