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A character study film, with a love story, and supernatural tendancies
It's official: Hollywood has run out of new ideas
A film noir sure to make critics' top ten best lists
This movie can't keep up with other dark satires
Hard to find this film, but you'll be terribly happy you saw it
A rare rave from our critic, who is a fan of Andy Garcia
His reviews have been on the CBS Evening News, and many other media sources
Disractions abound, as our critic spells out the proper way to do a biopic
The humor is juvenile, but this wanna-be comedy's not for kids
A family film treatment of the 1957 Little League World Series (Monterey, Mexico vs. La Mesa)
Movie makes for an underwhelming, real date night
These movies will play briefly at the Bonsall UltraStar; then off to video
A below-average picture of Benito Mussolini
This documentary is too long, but a must for art aficianados
Steamy, but implausible and derivative of Fatal Attraction-type films


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