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Denzel Washington shines in this post-apocalyptic Western
If you've seen any of Mel Gibson's movies--except Braveheart--you've seen this one
Oscar nominated, but like airplane food, mediocre at best
Our "cheapskate" reviewer may pay three times to see this blockbuster in a theater
Leonardo DiCaprio shines in this film noir
Rain Main, Forrest Gump and Being There mixed into a big Bollywood bowl
A great cast creates a considerably disappointing movie
Jeff Bridges is a lock to win the Oscar for Best Actor
Don't take your dog to see this at the Santee drive-in
Forget Mariah Carey, this movie is filled with good acting
Perfect timing to see a movie about zombies…but if you're in the mood for a film on all hallows eve, Zombieland isn't it. It's not all ...
Amelia is the type of bio-pic I really look forward to. That's because all I really know about this aviator (note to self: find out if a ...
Class is in session, and this movie passes the test
I was all prepared to say that Extract will be the next huge hit from Mike Judge. The one that will be as big of a cult hit as Office ...
Tomorrow a movie opens that I'm guessing will be one of the biggest success stories of the year. It was a "little" science fiction picture ...


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