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If you were to tell me - two of my favorite actors in the movies - Paul Giamatti and David Strathairn - were going to be in a film that ...
On Dennis Miller's radio show the other day, I heard an interview with Adam Sandler. Miller said Funny People was one of the best movies ...
I felt like I was dragged to Hell sitting through this movie. My friend told me I'm not a good judge for this genre of picture, because I ...
really can't believe I liked (500) Days of Summer. Oh, don't get me wrong. There were a few things I didn't like about it -- starting with ...
Another movie people will miss
Don't mark a date on your calendar to see this one
MOVIE REVIEW: Mysteries of Lisbon
Raúl Ruiz’s Mysteries of Lisbon, unequivocally the most important film of 2011, begins with a public rumor and ends with a personal memory.
10th Annual San Diego Film Festival
The 2011 San Diego Film Festival begins on Wednesday, September 28 and runs through Sunday, October 2 at the Reading Gaslamp Theater in the heart of downtown.
The magic of America’s pastime becomes almost completely internalized in Bennett Miller’s Moneyball, expressed only through short bursts of celebration and fulfillment by thos
2011 Fall Movie Preview
The summer doldrums have passed and the glorious Southern California weather is growing slightly cooler, meaning another exciting fall movie season is upon us.
MOVIE REVIEW: The Ides of March
The opening sequence of George Clooney’s effective potboiler The Ides of March, itself a tactile example of retrained genre filmmaking, wonderfully conveys the deceptive natur
Like many big-budget machines posing as cinema, Real Steel is a litmus test in film spectatorship.
Arrest Made in Celebrity Nude Hacking Scandal
On October 12, 2011 FBI agents arrested Christopher Chaney of Jacksonville, Florida and charged him with hacking into the emails of over 50 people, including Christina Aguiler
As far as Hollywood prequels go, Matthijis van Heijningen Jr.’s update of The Thing isn’t a complete disaster, which is saying a lot considering the serpentine history of its
MOVIE REVIEW: Take Shelter
With only two feature films under his belt, American director Jeff Nichols has already proven himself a brilliant chronicler of blue-collar malaise.


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