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There’s plenty to admire about Shame, especially it’s stunning use of silence to dissect conversational awkwardness.
Tom Cruise Gives More Details on Top Gun Sequel
We're working on it," said Cruise about Top Gun 2, who was in Dubai today doing press for the new Mission Impossible film, Ghost Protocol.
San Diego Film Critics Society 2011 Nominations
The San Diego Film Critics Society was founded in 1996 to provide a diverse critical opinion about movies, advance film education and to recognize excellence in cinema.
My Week with Marilyn
Realizing a movie star’s public persona stands at odds with their private life is akin to entertainment gospel, especially since the Internet has made privacy (or lack thereof
Young Adult
Young Adult is a fast-talking tragedy in comedy’s clothing, one that uses a character’s foul mouth to push personal embarrassment and resentment into the public fold for maxim
MOVIE REVIEW: The Adventures of Tintin
The art of fearless pursuit defines Steven Spielberg’s B-movie spectacle The Adventures of Tintin, an infectious homage to Hergé’s popular comic book series and a spiritual co
What We've Learned from Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Movie Trailer
The J.R.R. Tolkien 1937 fantasy children’s novel, The Hobbit, is getting its second shot in the limelight courtesy of director and producer Peter Jackson.
History of Film & Cinema in San Diego
Hollywood is much bigger than the shadow cast by its iconic sign atop the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking Los Angeles.
A Year for the Ages: The Best Films of 2011
Poll the adventurous film critics who consistently ventured outside the stranglehold of downtrodden Hollywood cinema in 2011 and you’ll probably find a smiling bunch.
Home is Where the Horse Is: Steven Spielberg’s War Horse
War Horse is a film of grand scope and of even grander emotions, an old-fashioned ode to a type of “aw shucks” sentimentality that could make you nostalgic for old Hollywood o
A Dangerous Method
With A Dangerous Method, a sly and smart examination of the tumultuous Carl Jung/Sigmund Freud relationship during the early 1900’s, Cronenberg reaches the apex of this auteur
How Frank Baum Became the Wizard of Coronado
For Lyman Frank Baum, who resided in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, there may have been no place like home.
All the Queen's Men: Tomas Alfredson’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Tomas Alfredson’s aching spy thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, the latest adaptation of John LeCarré’s famous 1974 novel, turns the machinations of Cold War espionage into a
Out With the Old: Michel Hazanavicius’s The Artist
As both a film and piece of pop-culture phenomena, Michel Hazanavicius’s The Artist is about finding common ground in the face of massive technological and emotional change, s


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