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If you enjoyed comedian turned actor Eddie Murphy talking to animals in Doctor Dolittle, you’ll probably like comedian turned actor Kevin James doing the same.
This complex approach to filmmaking insinuates a strong stylistic point of view predicated on scathing social commentary, a desire to uproot the status quo through artistic su
Hanks produced and directed this film, and he co-wrote it with Nia Vardalos. He’s been friends with her ever since his wife Rita Wilson produced her My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
This movie gives us some interesting people. There’s the feisty David Carr. He’s a single dad, a former crack addict, and you can’t get enough of him.
These are all setups that could’ve worked, but didn’t pan out. The poverty that’s shown in Lima worked nicely, although I wish the rest of the movie did.
The 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival concluded its 11-day run on Sunday, wrapping up a well-attended but slightly banal program that presented everything from...
Buck is a sweet little documentary about a real cowboy.
Based on commercials, you prepare to hate Bad Teacher, the same way you hated that teacher the first day of class...
Just like Pixar’s animated adventure, the heroine turtle meets an exotic assortment of friends and foes during her quest...
The premise has Mater, a tow truck, being mistaken as a spy and sent into a bizarre espionage plot that will probably confuse the kids (and even some of the adults).
Watching Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop, a documentary one of his Harvard friends (Rodman Flender) made, one would assume that it would be just a combination of all those live shows
This is the first gypsy Nazi movie I’ve ever seen.
Submarine will be compared to Rushmore, and it certainly has a Wes Anderson vibe. This is better. It will be compared to Harold & Maude. This is better.
The situation in Twelve Thirty seems forced, with dialogue that isn’t even as interesting as the conversations with my friends at Denny’s, talking about our day.


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