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You have to be high to laugh at this garbage.
Director Joe Wright didn’t get this right. At a screening in Mission Valley, he told the audience it was the first screenplay he wrote. I could tell.
The one Oscar prediction I got wrong was Best Foreign Film. I thought Javier Bardem’s Biutiful would win.
It’s not a brilliant animated movie like Rango that is written mostly for adults, but it’s a solid piece of filmmaking written mostly for kids, that the whole family will enjo
Twenty years have passed since the last film
TVs highest paid actor takes his show to various cities
This film is based on the story The Last Hippie, by Dr. Oliver Sacks (he gave us Awakenings)
Source Code is by director Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie. He was off to a promising start with his movie Moon, which I thought was a blast.
For anybody looking for a good movie to see, picking this would be a win-w
There may be a few scenes that people find slow. Others might be bothered by those pesky subtitles at the bottom of the screen. I was glued to every scene.
No more of these movies with 20-something characters drifting around saying things that are supposed to be profound or funny.
The only people that should be seeing this are 11-year-olds. Anybody younger is too young for the PG film; anyone older will think this is all sophomoric and uninteresting.
This is an interesting character study most will enjoy.
This movie had the potential to be like the enjoyable film My Dinner With Andre.
Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, British-born American actress, passes away in Los Angeles


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