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Spreckels Theatre

Spreckels Theatre

121 Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101

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 Top 5 Things to Know About Spreckels Theatre:

  1. Location: San Diego Spreckels Theatre is tucked away in the downtown San Diego Theatre District on Broadway. Guests can find parking on B Street, which is south of Broadway under the theater's lobby.
  2. History: San Diego philanthropist and millionaire John D. Spreckels built Spreckels Theatre in 1912 making it the first modern playhouse west of the Mississippi. The theater originally was intended for live productions, but in 1931 it changed over to a motion picture house. In later years the theater returned to its original theater format as it opened its door for live performances once again.
  3. Performances: World-renowned performers such as comedian Charlie Chaplin and singer Judy Garland have graced the stage at San Diego Spreckels Theatre, and today the theatre continues to host famous acts such as Broadway shows, touring dance companies and musicians from around the world.
  4. Ticket Purchases: Guests looking for purchase tickets for a show at San Diego Spreckels Theatre can do so by using SanDiego.com! Our San Diego ticket feed includes tickets at Spreckels theatre as well as other local venues.
  5. Venue: At the time of when the historic theater was built, it was the largest theater west of New York City. It was designed with a baroque style decor and a 1,463-seat auditorium, free of any columns or structures that would block guests views of the stage. In 1975 the theater was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

San Diego Spreckels Theatre holds a rich history as it built in 1912 by the famous John D. Spreckles, who is partially responsible for turning the city of San Diego from rags to riches into a real estate empire. The theater brought an element of culture to San Diego due to the fact that it was the only playhouse west of the Mississippi at the time. The Gala Grand Opening night in August 1912 was a much anticipated event as the theater drew its curtains for its first performance Bought and Paid For. From that night on, the theater continued to show theater productions and vaudeville shows with acts by famous stars like the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova and comedians Eddie Foy and Will Rogers. In 1931 the theater briefly transformed into a movie house showing talking pictures, but it wasn't before long that the theater returned to its original intentions and began showing live performances once again. In recent years, San Diego's Spreckels Theatre has hosted world famous acts such as David Bowie, Ellen Degeneres, George Lopez and Alice Cooper in addition to various touring dance, culture and music companies.

San Diego Spreckels Theatre features a variety of shows perfect for introducing your children to theater and arts or for spending a romantic date night. With the theater's eclectic calendar of events there is a performance sure to strike everyone's fancy. Guests can purchase tickets for their show online buy clicking the button above or they can call or visit the San Diego's Spreckels Theatre box office. Guests have the option of orchestra, mezzanine, and upper and lower balcony seating in the 1463-seat auditorium.

  • Do Arrive 45 Minutes Prior to the Show: Arriving a little bit early to the show allows you the opportunity to find parking, pick up your tickets, visit the snack bar and take your seats before the show begins.
  • Don't Pack Your Camera or Videocamera: Unfortunately due to strict copyright infringement policies at the San Diego theater, guests are prohibited from taking photographys or videotapping performances.

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