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Director Pablo Trapero (Lion’s Den, Born and Bred) gave us an interesting gritty film, with one of the best endings I’ve seen all year.
This whole story with the wife showing some backbone and the equality message is okay, but so what.
The subject matter and what occurs should’ve done the trick. The problem is that it’s boring, predictable, and amateurishly done.
It’s the classic whodunit: an ancient billionaire and his mistress are murdered in cold blood.
This flight of fancy has all the vibrant colors of Up, and lets the world know that Blue Sky Studios (Ice Age) wants to give Pixar a run for their money.
This is a job for...Super...Bounty Hunter?
It’s strange the amount of things we know about Lincoln, and so little about a woman that may or may not have conspired to kill the 16th president.
Cool movie poster, horrible movie title.
Directing legend behind Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon
Roger Ebert once said, they shouldn’t remake good movies, but instead the bad movies. They can fix what was bad about them and make them good this time around.
I had no clue who Bill Cunningham the photographer was. And he was a very interesting subject to get to know.
You have to be high to laugh at this garbage.
Director Joe Wright didn’t get this right. At a screening in Mission Valley, he told the audience it was the first screenplay he wrote. I could tell.
The one Oscar prediction I got wrong was Best Foreign Film. I thought Javier Bardem’s Biutiful would win.
It’s not a brilliant animated movie like Rango that is written mostly for adults, but it’s a solid piece of filmmaking written mostly for kids, that the whole family will enjo


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