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Flawed logic, flawed science, flawed movie
Not a lot of love for this disappointment
Dark, but authentic look at a tough life
Jonah Hill, Marisa Tomei, John C. Reilly and Catherine Keener. What went wrong?
A French movie that sounds interesting--but it's not
Speculation abounds in this mildly entertaining bio-pic
A cast of funny guys is wasted here
I couldn’t believe Toy Story came out 15 years earlier than this third installment. It seems like only yesterday. Well, it kind of was ...
Has Colin Farrell caught a mermaid?
A barely passable documentary about a ground-breaking funny gal
Our critic didn't want to waste four hours actually seeing these remakes
Presenting: The Mid-Life Crisis Experience
Shot in San Diego, it's interesting but underwhelming
A frustrating scientific abomination
A funny "spin-off" from Forgetting Sarah Marshall


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