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MOVIE REVIEW: Martha Marcy May Marlene
Sean Durkin and Elizabeth Olsen, the two artistic forces behind Sundance Film Festival award winner Martha Marcy May Marlene, worked closely together to create a striking char
The Top Ten Scariest Movies for Halloween
Halloween (and all the craziness it entails) is finally upon us, leaving one important question at the center of many holiday discussions.
Throwaway science fiction like In Time proves just how little faith Hollywood has in American audiences these days.
John Cho on success of Harold & Kumar franchise
The last film characters one would expect to find in a Christmas movie are Harold and Kumar, that famous on-screen odd couple with a taste for White Castle burgers and endless
Hell and Back Again
Since the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began dominating our national headlines in 2002, countless documentaries have covered every angle of the modern combat and post-
With J Edgar, a bombastic and unabashedly Oscar-friendly biopic about the infamous FBI director, Eastwood revels in the skittishness of Dustin Lance Black’s manic screenplay,
Apocalypses are both literal and figurative in Lars von Trier’s sci-fi chamber drama Melancholia, the Danish auteur’s latest symphony of suffering that equates one woman’s men
The Rum Diary
Be it a crisp island breeze or a stiff cocktail, The Rum Diary is always satisfied with the smaller pleasures in life. Based on Hunter S.
MOVIE REVIEW: The Descendants
Clooney's new film The Descendants, in which an upper-middle class lawyer comes to terms with his comatose wife’s infidelity, deals with another emotionally repressed man
Top 5 Thanksgiving Movies
There’s nothing better than an appetizer of cinema before Thanksgiving dinner’s main course.
 Into the Abyss
Werner Herzog’s piercing voice is unmistakable, equal parts raspy, lyrical, frank, and cagey.
Happy Feet Two
If Happy Feet melded genres (Action, Romance, Comedy, Adventure) seamlessly without ever effecting it’s humble and sincere core, Happy Feet 2 is consistently disjointed, jumpi
Hugo takes the relationship between spectator and memory quite seriously.
There’s plenty to admire about Shame, especially it’s stunning use of silence to dissect conversational awkwardness.
Tom Cruise Gives More Details on Top Gun Sequel
We're working on it," said Cruise about Top Gun 2, who was in Dubai today doing press for the new Mission Impossible film, Ghost Protocol.


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