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This is the story of eight Christians that left France for a monastery in North Africa in the 90s.
Battle: Los Angeles sounds like a combination of two of the worst movies ever – Battlefield Earth and Escape from L.A.
The story takes place four years after high school.
Ignore the critics that claimed the creatures were too ugly to love. Every one of them was great, including the naked mole rat trying to rob the town bank.
Vanishing on 7th Street was no Miracle on 54th Street. It was no Vanishing. Heck, it wasn’t even a really good Twilight Zone episode.
What happens if you take the characters in Mad Men and instead of selling insurance, they’re watching people to make sure they stay on the path created for them?
Gael Garcia Bernal (Babel, Letters to Juliet) is a Mexican actor that always brings solid performances to his roles.
Guinness World Records recently announced Sheen was the person to fastest reach one million followers on Twitter, doing that in 25 hours and 17 minutes.
Here’s the premise: Nicolas Cage escapes from Hell to save his granddaughter.
The 83rd annual Oscar’s didn’t have many surprises in terms of winners, but there were lots of humorous and heartwarming moments.
It has enough laughs that anybody going to see a comedy won’t be disappointed (if they can handle a few very gross bathroom humor jokes).
Liam Neeson forgets a suitcase at the airport and goes to retrieve it.
Minka Kelly, one of the main characters in The Roommate, made the guy forget about Summer in 500 Days of Summer and last year was named the sexiest woman alive by Esquire maga
Cast of TV show Glee set a new record for most songs on the charts
This film produced by Alexander Payne, who gave us the wonderful Election, Sideways, and About Schmidt.


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