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C'mon in! The water feels fine
The actors, including Kristen Stewart, make lightweight material work
Roman Polanski's return to directing is dazzling
Not just another teen comedy; John Hughes would approve
Our reviewer guarantees a Best Animated Oscar win
Either Kavi or The New Tenants will get the statue
Kevin Smith admits he's lazy--this movie proves it
It's about bombs--but certainly isn't one itself
Helen Mirren deserves her Oscar nomination
Denzel Washington shines in this post-apocalyptic Western
If you've seen any of Mel Gibson's movies--except Braveheart--you've seen this one
Oscar nominated, but like airplane food, mediocre at best
Our "cheapskate" reviewer may pay three times to see this blockbuster in a theater
Leonardo DiCaprio shines in this film noir
Rain Main, Forrest Gump and Being There mixed into a big Bollywood bowl


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