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Actress Jenna Fischer didn't show up in person at the San Diego Film Festival, but her new movie, A Little Help, was funny and touching. SanDiego.com had the...
The new film Morning is a pas-de-deux of grief, tracking the intense misery of a husband and wife whose child accidentally dies. It was a heavy opening presentation...
Well over the expected 130,000 attendance were present at this year's four-day San Diego Comic-Con, a celebration of comics, video games and all things popular...
Interview with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson
Astrophysicist, internet radio talk show host and television personality discusses space exploration, Hollywood and his upcoming book, Space Chronicles.
Interview with Napoleon Dynamite Cast at Comic-Con 2011
Now, seven years later, Napoleon and the gang are back. The film is set to become a FOX animated series.
VIDEO: The Casts of CW's Nikita and WB's Wilfred at Comic-Con 2011
At Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego, we had a moment to speak with the stars of two popular television series: FX's new show Wilfred, and the CW's Nikita, now in its...
We sent out veteran entertainment writer Gordon Downs to explore the event, and talk with some of the attendees and celebrities.
Staff here at SanDiego.com couldn't sit still and rushed down to the Convention Center in downtown San Diego to pick up our press badges and speak with a few...
More than 130,000 ultra-fans are expected to descend on San Diego for the annual Comic-Con International, held this year July 21-24 at the Convention Center...
Playstation Vita Delayed - Sony San Diego Unit Continues Work on Ruin
The Sony Playstation Vita, a portable gaming device that will be the successor to the Playstation Portable, will sadly miss the vital Christmas launch window in...
Brit Marling & Director Mike Cahill Talk About Another Earth's Duality, Science
It's the grand story of sudden life-changing events, like a devastating car accident or the sudden appearance of a duplicate Earth in the sky, but also the...
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Human see, human do; this sums up the tenuous depth of character in Rupert Wyatt’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, an uninspired but competently made prequel to 1968’s Planet
A lovely and earnest throwback to the Women’s pictures of the 1940’s, The Help buzzes with energy and passion for life’s inalienable rights.
George Lopez
After almost two seasons on late night television, TBS has made the difficult decision of cancelling Lopez Tonight and will not renew the show for a third season.
Patti Stanger
Viewers can expect to see a lot of changes on the new season of Bravo’s hit reality show “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” premiering on Monday August 15.


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