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The Keating San Diego

The Keating San Diego

The Keating
432 F Street
San Diego, CA 92101

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Top 5 Things To Know About The Keating San Diego

  1. Express Check-In/Check-Out: The Keating San Diego's express check-in/check-out service will make your vacation more enjoyable. You get to spend less time dealing with the logistics of getting your room and more time relaxing, unpacking and going out to enjoy attractions in San Diego.
  2. In-Room Dining: Going out to eat requires that you think about your outfit, pull on your shoes and deal with transportation to get to San Diego restaurants. Sometimes those are the fun things in the world to do - and sometimes you'd rather get quality food delivered to you. When you're leaning more towards the latter, The Keating Hotel San Diego's in-room dining service will make your day. Put in your order by making a quick and easy phone call, and you'll receive your food, piping hot and freshly made, right to your hotel room door shortly.
  3. Pet Friendly: Bring your dog with you to The Keating Hotel San Diego, or perhaps we should say, Keating Hotel "Sandy Dog-go". Dogs up to 25 lbs. can enjoy the good life in San Diego with their human family. Jackpot! Fido gets doggy treats while he's here at The Keating Downtown San Diego. He'll also get his very own doggy bed, as well as food and water bowls for mealtime.
  4. Fitness Room: Burn fat and build muscle in The Keating Hotel San Diego's fitness room. Making sure you're ready for the beach can easily be done at The Keating Hotel San Diego's on-site fitness facilities. Downward dog! Cobra! Plank position! You can use yoga mats to go through your poses. If you'd like, you can even participate in custom fitness programs at The Keating Downtown San Diego.
  5. Concierge Services: Figuring out where to go in San Diego doesn't have to remain a mystery for long - the concierge staff at The Keating San Diego point you towards great places to eat and recommend things to do in San Diego.

Why It's Awesome: The Keating Hotel San Diego has such impressive style that we can't help but gush about it. Under the guidance of hotelier Gordon Ramsay (yes, the one who is also a TV chef!), The Keating Downtown San Diego transformed into what it looks like now. Now that's one hotel makeover that was done right.

  • Style: The dark wood gives The Keating Hotel San Diego a dramatic feel. Nothing feels basic or boring at The Keating Downtown San Diego. You're stylish - and your San Diego hotel should be, too!
  • Designers: Does the name Pininfarina ring a bell? The designers of Ferrari and Maserati brought their fashion-forward vision to The Keating Hotel San Diego's look.
  • Location: From The Keating Downtown San Diego, getting to the San Diego Convention Center or Petco Park are easy tasks. They're located only blocks away.

The Local Scoop: For anyone who wants to explore all that there is to see in the Gaslamp Quarter, staying at The Keating San Diego is a great idea. Guests at The Keating Hotel San Diego can get to great restaurants by simply walking. The nightclubs in the Gaslamp are ideal for big nights of dancing - and those are also just steps away from The Keating Downtown San Diego.

  • Do Drink Espresso: Treat yourself to a cup of espresso while you're at The Keating Downtown San Diego. The in-room espresso machine makes this treat of a drink for you whenever you'd like it.
  • Do Use Concierge Services: Meeting with the concierge staff can give you a much better idea about where you're going and what you're going to do in San Diego. The Keating San Diego's concierge services are here so that you can get the reservations you'd like at particular restaurants and theater shows, and figure out which great sites you want to visit on your trip.
  • Don't Stay Achy: To work out all those kinks in your muscles, enjoy a professional massage at The Keating San Diego. For extra luxury, get yourself the Keating 4-Handed Massage. Two body care specialists will work together to soothe your muscles.
  • Don't Forget In-Room Dining: At The Keating San Diego, you can get great sandwiches and pizza from Krust Pizzeria delivered to your room. Other breakfast, lunch and dinner options for in-room dining are also available from The Merk Bistro.

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