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The Friendship Hotel San Diego

The Friendship Hotel San Diego

The Friendship Hotel
3942 8th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

The Friendship Hotel San Diego Information

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Top 5 Things To Know About The Friendship Hotel San Diego

  1. Quiet Hotel: Tucked away on a residential street, San Diego Friendship Hotel still puts you in the heart of Hillcrest - but you'll be in a quieter location. After a big night of living it up at Hillcrest bars, there's nothing nicer than returning to a peaceful hotel. Hillcrest Friendship Hotel is the ultimate oasis for a good night's sleep.
  2. Secured Building: Only those with a key can enter Friendship Hotel Hillcrest. Enjoy peace of mind while staying in a building with secured access. Hang out in your new accommodations, safe and sound at The Friendship Hotel San Diego.
  3. Street Parking: During your stay at San Diego's Friendship Hotel Hillcrest, you can park your car on the street. 
  4. Walk-Ins Welcome: The Friendship Hotel San Diego doesn't need reservations from you in order to set you up with a great room. Ring them up on the telephone, and you'll be able to arrange a time for checking in. San Diego Friendship Hotel welcomes your inquiries and requests.
  5. Shared Bathrooms: Spend time getting freshly showered at The Friendship Hotel San Diego. Before you head out for the day, you want to look spiffy - and you can make sure you do when you get ready in the bathroom. San Diego Friendship Hotel offers shared bathrooms, which means that you may need to wait to use them.

Why It's Awesome: You don't need to spend a dime more than you have to at The Friendship Hotel San Diego. This hotel in San Diego is awesome because of its inexpensive room rates. On top of that, the location allows you to be within walking distance of places to eat. Things can get messy when you eat a fabulous meal. That's why the laundry facilities at The Friendship Hotel San Diego are really awesome.

  • Book Inexpensive Rooms: The very low room rates at San Diego Friendship Hotel make visiting Hillcrest an extremely affordable trip.
  • Satisfy Hunger Attacks: The Friendship Hotel San Diego is mere steps away from solid late-night dining at Jack In The Box. Craving savory Mexican eats? You can walk to Chipotle, which is right on the corner of the same street. If you're all about being as healthy as can be, The Friendship Hotel San Diego is within walking distance to Whole Foods.
  • Keep Your Threads Clean: Whether you work up a sweat while dancing at a club in Hillcrest or going for a run on city streets, you can keep your clothing freshly laundered. The Friendship Hotel San Diego offers laundry facilities to keep your outfits looking spotless - and smelling like roses. 

The Local Scoop: San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood is packed with all kinds of fun shops - talk about perfect window shopping locations! With the decent prices at these local stores, you can actually go ahead and purchase several items, guilt-free. Sometimes, nothing feels better than the clear conscience that comes from thrift store shopping and saving money. Read a book, people watch and update your blog at a coffee shop in Hillcrest. Or, get some amazing Thai food from a nearby restaurant.

  • Do Explore The Shops: While you're staying at San Diego Friendship Hotel, carve out part of your day and reserve it for gallivanting through the city streets and exploring boutiques. Try on stylish outfits just for fun, ponder what gifts would be perfect to purchase for your sweetie or family, read parts of books and consider the eye-catching home decor available at shops in Hillcrest.
  • Do Make Snacks: The rooms at San Diego Friendship Hotel have a refrigerator and microwave, so you can prepare food in the comfort of your new home away from home. 
  • Don't Mind Walking: Put on your walking shoes, and get some fresh air as you meander around Hillcrest. The Friendship Hotel San Diego is close to the main street that will lead you right into the hustle and bustle of Hillcrest.
  • Don't Miss The Luxuries: Simplify your lifestyle while you stay at San Diego Friendship Hotel. It can actually be fun to realize that the basic amenities at Friendship Hotel Hillcrest still keep you comfortable - and that you can be happy even without extravagance at your San Diego hotel.

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