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Jetpack America San Diego

Jetpack America San Diego

Jetpack America San Diego
Mission Bay Sportcenter
1010 Santa Clara Place
San Diego, CA 92109

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Jetpack America
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Top 5 Things to Know About Jetpack America:

  1. Jetpack Technology: It's a bird - it's a plane - it's a person hovering over Mission Bay? That's right! Jetpack America has landed and become one of the best things to do in San Diego! Jetpack America San Diego takes guests on out of this world solo flying experiences above Mission Bay. The Jetlev jetpack is the world's first recreational Jetpack, and at only 28lbs, it uses water propulsion to lift you up to 30 ft above the water! 
  2. First Time Flight Packages: For guests looking to book a first time flight with Jetpack America in San Diego, there are three options to choose from. The Introductory Flight Experience gives guests a taste of what the Jetlev R200 can do, with in depth instruction and 15 minutes of flight time (aka: 15 minutes of pure joy). For guests looking to take it a bit further, the Jetlev Flight Experience is a solid choice. This Jetpack America package includes full instruction and takes new pilots out for a full 25 minutes of flight time! For the ultimate first time San Diego Jetpack America package - the ROCK STAR Flight Experience is the only way to go! This all-access VIP package is geared to make any first time pilot a seasoned pro in no time! This package includes instruction, a whopping 50 minutes of flight time split into two sessions and a paparazzi video to go along with your experience. This is the best way to make the most out of our your Jetpack America flight and live the fun over and over again with your very own YouTube video set to music!
  3. Location: Jetpack America San Diego is located inside Mission Bay Sportscenter, on the west side of Mission Bay. Your flight instruction will happen inside the Mission Bay Sportscenter and continue outside on the lawn. Jetpack America San Diego then takes you out for your introductory flight right off the beach in Mission Bay!
  4. Safety Equipment: San Diego Jetpack America provides all the necessary equipment and awesome instruction to keep you safe while you fly above the bay. Helmets and wetsuits are provided and for the first flight, the throttle will be controlled by a professional and experienced instructor. You will also have constant communication with your instructor via speakers in your helmet so you can learn cool tricks and little tips to keep you safe and having a great time while you fly with San Diego Jetpack America!
  5. Pricing: Intro flights start as low as $159. This is a small amount to pay to be one of the first in the world to experience a flight with a Jetlev R200! This is the stuff dreams are made of, so book a flight and gear up for an unforgettable experience of water propelled solo flight! Once you become a pro, memberships are available for only $69/mo! Take your flying to the next level as a Club Jetlev member where you can get access to awesome VIP events, enjoy guaranteed monthly flight time and hone your Jetpack America skills right here in San Diego!

Why It's Awesome: Can we say "duh"? Why ISN'T it awesome? A flight with Jetpack America means you can FLY on your own at heights of up to 30 feet! Have you ever dreamt of flying around like Superman? Well now you can with San Diego's Jetpack America! The water-propelled solo flight is unlike anything else. It's pure freedom and power of motion with endless possibilities and it is quickly becoming the ultimate water sport.

  • YOU'RE FLYING!!!!!: Hello? Solo flight above the calm and beautiful waters of Mission Bay? This is definitely one of the coolest things to do in San Diego! 
  • Gorgeous Spot on Mission Bay: Jetpack America has a stunning location on Mission Bay. It is on a little peninsula that jets out of the west side of the bay with a beautiful big grass lawn and amazing views. It's also in the middle of a pack of the best San Diego hotels including the Catamaran Resort, Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa and Paradise Point. Guests can check out the cool Mission Beach area with fun restaurants and bars to celebrate their flight, or take a ride on the iconic Giant Dipper Rollercoaster at Belmont Park just minutes away.
  • Friendly and Professional Staff: The entire staff at Jetpack America San Diego is awesome! The instructors are all friendly and willing to help out in anyway they can from calming your first flight nerves to helping you zip up your wetsuit and buckle your helmet. They are a crew of active, personable, professional and experienced staff who go above and beyond to share their love of the Jetlev technology with the masses. Their excitement is infectious and gets guests amped on the entire Jetpack America experience.

The Local Scoop: San Diego is known for great weather, but our oceans don't get overly warm. It's definitely a good idea to wear a wetsuit for a Jetpack America flight, especially as a first-timer, because you'll be in the water a lot. Also, ladies don't worry about wearing make-up. You'll be having so much fun diving in and out of the water on your Jetpack America flight that you won't care what you look like, but mascara running down your face might scare off some of the locals.

  • Do Buy a Video Package: The best thing about the San Diego Jetpack America video package is that you can re-live your flight over and over again. The videos are edited and set to the song of your choice and posted on YouTube so you can share your Jetpack America fun with all your friends on social media. And - if you get over 200 views on your Youtube video, Jetpack America will give you a free flight! Read all about our Jetpack America flight and find the link to our video on our blog: Jetpack America - A San Diego Experience You Won't Forget
  • Do Invite Some Friends to Watch: The entire Jetpack America experience is one of a kind, so it's fun to share it with friends and family. Book a flight for yourself and a friend so you can watch each other fly and re-cap the experience together.
  • Don't Be Scared: While watching the introduction video, it's easy to get a little nervous about your first Jetpack America San Diego flight. But, don't worry. The instructors take great care of students during their introductory flight. They control the throttle, maintain communication through the helmet and have a person in the water with you on a jetski to make sure everything is OK.
  • Don't Forget to Tip: The staff at Jetpack America is so great, you'll want to book another flight just to hang out with them again. So, make sure to bring some cash to leave a tip for your awesome instructor!

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