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La Jolla Kayak, Bike and Snorkel Tours

La Jolla Kayak, Bike and Snorkel Tours

La Jolla Kayak
2199 Avenida de la Playa
La Jolla, CA 92037

La Jolla Kayak, Bike and Snorkel Tours Promotions

La Jolla Kayak Bike and Snorkel Tours promo brunch at Piatti's
Piatti's Brunch Paddle
Put a spin on brunch by starting your day kayaking the Seven Caves followed by a delicious brunch at Piatti's Restaurant in La Jolla! Available Saturdays and Sundays year round.

La Jolla Kayak, Bike and Snorkel Tours Information

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Top 5 Things to Know About La Jolla Kayak

  1. Kayak Tours: La Jolla Kayak tours offer guided kayaking tours around the San Diego sea cliffs, Seven Caves of La Jolla and La Jolla's Underwater Park. Kayak tours with La Jolla Kaya gives you the chance to get up close and personal with marine mammals like seals, sea lions and even occasionally dolphins. The excitement of kayaking combined with new experiences in the water, puts a kayak tour with La Jolla Kayak among the best things to do in San Diego.
  2. Snorkel Trips: Get up close and personal with San Diego's resident Leopard Sharks while exploring the underwater caves on one of La Jolla Kayak's snorkeling tours. The Leopard Sharks are completely harmless but it's still a thrill to be surrounded by hundreds of these beautiful sharks.
  3. Tour de San Diego: You don't have to be a cycling professional to enjoy the La Lolla Kayak bike tours. Starting at Mt. Soledad, the bike trip passes by famous San Diego scenic locations such as Windansea Beach, Bird Rock and Children's Pool. Breathe in the beauty of La Jolla, one of San Diego most beautiful coastal communities with a fun family friendly bike tour with La Jolla Kayak, Bike and Snorkel Tours.
  4. Equipment Provided: La Jolla Kayak tours take care of all the necessary equipment needed to tour San Diego. From wetsuits and life jackets to bicycles and helmets, the tour guides have everything you need to stay safe and have a great time while enjoying a tour with La Jolla Kayak. This great San Diego tour company also provides equipment rentals for guests looking to boogie board or 
  5. All Skill Levels Welcome: La Jolla Kayak tours in San Diego encourage beginners to experience the excitement of snorkeling, kayaking and biking as the tour guides provide a safe and fun environment. 

La Jolla Kayak, Bike and Snorkel tours create the perfect day trip for both San Diego visitors and locals. Tours at Kayak La Jolla offer adventurers of all skill levels the chance to partake in an educational and unique experience, while allowing them to also get to know the San Diego terrain from the top of mountains to the underwater caves. Kayak La Jolla tours provide snorkeling, biking and kayaking adventures with certified tour guides. The snorkeling and kayaking trips take place in La Jolla, where adventurers can explore the kelp forests and catch sea lions frolicking in the waves, while the bike tours begin at Mt. Soledad and follow the coastline down the mountain, providing breathtaking views of the San Diego beach scenery. 

No prior experience is necessary to join a La Jolla Kayak tour and all the equipment and rental gear is provided. The bike tours are recommended for children 16 years and older, while the kayak tour is suitable for children over the age of 15 in single kayaks and age six for double kayak rentals with an adult. For those looking for slightly more advanced or challenging tours, La Jolla Kayak also has combination tours, which include bike and kayak tours and kayak and snorkel trips. 

  • Do Snorkel During Leopard Shark Mating Season: Between June and September thousands of Leopard Sharks congregate at La Jolla shores to mate. 
  • Don't Worry About Leopard Sharks: Although mating season attracts Leopard Sharks to La Jolla, swimmers and snorkelers shouldn't be alarmed because these sharks are harmless and uninterested in humans.

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