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La Jolla Sports Club

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La Jolla Sports Club

La Jolla Sports Club
7825 Fay Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037
Monday-Friday 5am-7pm, Saturday & Sunday 6am-4pm
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La Jolla Sports Club Information

La Jolla Sports Club Amenities
  • State of the art Equipment
  • Massage Therapy
  • Personal Training
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Steam rooms
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Physical Therapy
  • Locker Rooms
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Towel Service
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Top 5 Things To Know About La Jolla Sports Club

1. Personal Training: Talk about working with the best! The La Jolla Sports Club employs the most qualified and experienced personal trainers in the area, offering top quality programs to keep you on track and help you reach your fitness goals.

2. Classes: Take your fitness to the next level with the array of classes offered at the La Jolla Sports Club.  Looking for a class to spice up your workouts, we recommend trying zumba & dance or cycling. Need to challenge your core, sign up for a yoga class or pilates &  barre session. With 85+ classes offered each week, there are plenty of courses to keep you entertained and new ways to challenge your physical limits.

3. Child Care: The La Jolla Sports Club has a great child care facility that is supervised by licensed and experienced staff members. Everyone on the team is First Aid and CPR certified and has a great deal of experience working with children. They offer daily, monthly and drop off options for child care. The La Jolla Sports Club recognizes that busy parents need a place of exercise or even just a good massage, which is why the child care facility exists. Just one more way the La Jolla Sports Club is making the road to stronger health possible.

4. Physical Therapy: Dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals, the La Jolla Sports Club has an in house orthopedic and sports physical therapy clinic. This facility is conveniently located within the health club and uses state of the art equipment for conditioning, stregenthing and balance training. La Jolla

5. Perks: The many perks of working out with the La Jolla Sports Club team is complimentary lockers room amenities, chilled aromatheraphy towels, two hours of free underground parking, and discounts on local dining.

Why It's Awesome: From expert personal trainers to worry-free child care, the La Jolla Sports Club is teaming up with members that want to take their fitness to a new level, members that are excited to have a fitness haven helping them achieve their goals and companies that are invested in the well being of physical health.  The friendliest place in La Jolla.

The Local Scoop: When you take a stroll around the La jolla Sports Club don't forget to check out the his and her steam rooms, class studios and spa facilities. 

Do's and Don'ts: 

Do sign up for a FREE 5 day gym pass: Not ready to fully commit? That is totally fine! Try the place out for 5 days and get a feel for the staff and classes. It is important to feel comfortable where you workout and to ensure that your gym offers everything you need in order to achieve your success. Do what works for you!

Don't forget to sign up for a classes: The large array of classes are to benefit the members and offer them ways to switch things up. Take a class, and broaden your workout palate. 

Do take a complimentary fitness assessment: As a new member, you are given a free personal fitness evaluation that gives you a foundation on where to start your workouts and helps you set realistic health goals. Knowing where you started and see where you can headed, is a great way to keep you eye on the prize. 

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