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LEGOLAND California

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LEGOLAND California

1 Legoland Dr.
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Hours vary depending on season and holidays. View calendar for details.

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LEGOLAND California Information

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Top 4 Things You Need to Know About LEGOLAND California

  1. Kid-Friendly Attractions: LEGOLAND California has over 60 rides and attractions geared toward kids ages 2-12.
  2. LEGOLAND San Diego Hours: LEGOLAND California is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the school year and closes between 5 and 6 p.m. on other days. The least crowded days are during school weekdays. If you can’t make that, it's best to arrive as early as possible.
  3. LEGO Store: The largest selection of LEGOs in the nation is located in The Big Shop located in The Beginning at LEGOLAND San Diego. These can be shipped anywhere in the world.
  4. Water Park Tickets: While it is not possible to buy a separate ticket for only the LEGOLAND water park, LEGOLAND San Diego offers great deals on park hopper tickets that will definitely make the extra cost of going to the LEGOLAND water park in addition to the regular park worth it.

Why It's Awesome: LEGOLAND is a whole park dedicated to LEGOs, and who doesn't love those? Well we know who does love LEGOs- kids ages 2-12! And LEGOLAND San Diego has rides that are great for any children of those ages.

  • For the Youngest Tykes: The rides and attractions at LEGOLAND San Diego that have no height requirements and recommended for two year olds are: Swabbies Deck – Pirate Shores, The Whimsical Ride, The LEGOLAND Express, Playtown, Water Works & The Musical Fountain – Explore Village, The Model Shop, Block of Fame, Coast Cruise & The Lake – Miniland USA, Adventurer’s Club, LEGO Club House & Factory Tours – Fun Town, The Hideaways – Castle Hill, Bionicle Evolution, Duplo Play, Build and Test – Imagination Zone.
  • Rides & Activities for the Older Kids: Volvo Driving School: Fun Town, Aquazone Wave Racers, Treasure Falls, LEGO Mindstorms Robotics, “LEGO Technic” Test Track and building sets & “Bionicles” sets – Imagination Zone.
  • Entertainment for the Parents: The LEGOLAND San Diego Coast Cruise is a great way to see the marvelous creations made out of LEGOs and is sure to inspire and amaze kids and adults alike! Make sure to check out Miniland USA for to-scale representations of famous American cities that are sure to captivate the whole family.

The Local Scoop:  Here are some things to look out at LEGOLAND San Diego - the smallest model at LEGOLAND San Diego is a duck hanging in the window in Chinatown in the Miniland San Francisco area of LEGOLAND San Diego. The largest model at LEGOLAND San Diego is Bronte - this stunning LEGO creation is made with 2 million LEGO bricks! Also don't forget to keep an eye out for the stroller rentals at LEGOLAND San Diego. Head to The Marketplace at The Beginning at LEGOLAND San Diego to find your stroller rentals. The rentals at LEGOLAND are first come first serve so try to predict whether or not you'll need one before you really, really need one and they're all gone.

  • Do Spend More Time: If you find yourself loving LEGOLAND San Diego why not spend another day? The great news is if you stop by Guest Services before leaving the park on your first day, you can purchase an upgrade that will give you your second day at a fraction of the cost!
  • Do Buy the Park Hopper: It will be ten bucks more per person to get the LEGOLAND California Park Hopper ticket, but the bang is worth the buck! Not only do you get all of the fun LEGO rides of LEGOLAND itself, but you and the kids can enjoy the waterpark as well. Perfect for a hot sunny San Diego day, the waterpark is just what you'll need to make the most of your LEGOLAND San Diego vacation.
  • Don't Bring your Cigarettes: As you might expect from a park so perfect for children, smoking is prohibited in all areas of LEGOLAND San Diego.
  • Don't Take the Teens: LEGOLAND San Diego is unusual in the fact that it truly does cater to 2-12 year olds. The rides are pretty small and while as adults you can enjoy the fun your younger kids have, teenagers will find it harder to enjoy LEGOLAND San Diego. But don't worry, there are lots of other great San Diego theme parks for a wide range of ages!

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