San Diego’s temperate climate and beautiful landscapes make it a wonderful place to retire. With so many people having different needs finding the right San Diego retirement community is important. Fortunately, the city is rife with options.

Independent Living

The first type of retirement lifestyle is independent living. While in this type of community, you are usually surrounded by different social and active events to attend while you enjoy retirement. These neighborhoods include your own private house or apartment and have several amenities like transportation options, golf courses, beauty spas and salons, and more. Independent living communities are great for seniors who like to and are able to stay active. These residences are ideal for those looking to downsize as they live out their golden years. 

Assisted Living 

For seniors who cannot be as active due to their health or concern for their personal safety, assisted living communities are a great choice. These facilities may offer some of the same accommodations as an independent living facility, but each is staffed by nurses and aides who oversee the day-to-day activities of the resident as well as help them take care of themselves. This allows seniors who are losing mobility to bathe safely, and many of them also have aides who cook, clean, and help them get from place to place or do different activities. The aides offer opportunities for the resident to interact socially, but many of these communities also offer many events and activities that encourage socialization among residents. 

Memory Care 

Another popular option for seniors is a memory care facility. These communities are specialized to help care for seniors who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. The goal of a memory care facility is to give those living there a life that is independent as possible while keeping them safe and calm. Trained staff help seniors as they walk through different stages of memory loss. Because safety and independence are both valued here, the facilities often include locked doors to keep residents from wandering while confused. 

Some retirement communities offer all three of the above types of care but in different buildings in the community or separate wings of one building. These communities are equipped to help seniors as they may need to transition from one type of care to another as they continue to age.