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MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort

MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort

MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort
1594 Marbrisa Circle
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort Information

MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort Amenities
  • 3 Pools
  • 4 Hot Tubs
  • Fitness Center
  • BBQ Areas
  • Kids Interactive Water Splash Zone
  • Beach Volleyball Area
  • 3 Fire Pits
  • Children's Playground
  • Daily Activities Program
  • Room Service
  • High Speed Wireless Internet
  • Private entrance to LEGOLAND and the SEA LIFE Aquarium
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Top 5 Things To Know About MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort:

  1. Vacation Destination: With close proximity to such potential adventures as Carlsbad State Beach, Legoland, the Flower Fields of Carlsbad, and the Sea Life Aquarium, It isn't hard to find something that everyone can enjoy from a stay at the MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort. It must also be mentioned that Carlsbad itself allows visitors to enjoy the amenities of Oceanside, CA as well due to its shared border. 
  2. Wi-Fi Access: Depending on your mood and the purpose of your visit, MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort also offers free wireless internet to its guests allowing a strong connection to lifesaving social media or the more generalized a person might need with to stay in touch with the outside world. Due to the city of Carlsbad's efforts to actively support tourism, this theme of free public Wi-Fi can be found as one ventures outside of the resort as well. 
  3. Time to Relax: To the delight of many, MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort offers guests spa services that do not disappoint. By simply making a reservation, one is immediately confronted with the decision of having to carefully select (from a quite remarkably extensive list) which service calls out to them and invites them to the experience of leisure and decadence that their body suddenly realizes it needed.
  4. Nature's Calling: California prides itself on many of its wonderful outdoor experiences and MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort is no exception to this rule. A stay at this hotel allows a person to not only visit the beach but also to explore the many well maintained hiking trails that coexist perfectly inside of the general lifestyle's of the inhabitants in the area. It won't hurt to mention that while taking one of these scenic tours, MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort is also situated near a couple of surrounding golf courses that help further illuminate this type of lifestyle.
  5. Shop 'Til you Drop: For the many shopaholics out there, MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort offers access to many notable shopping centers. Among these are the: Carlsbad Premium Outlets, Carlsbad Village Association, and the Carlsbad Shopping Center. And with the variety of culture and commerce that annually makes its way into the city of Carlsbad, each seems to bring a new and interesting experience to the consumer. 

Why It's Awesome: With MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort's having many contributing factors to assist in an enjoyable experience and stay, below will be a list of the one's that are undeniably awesome:

  • Proximity to LEGOLAND: LEGOLAND is one of the unique themed parks whose experience cannot truly be recreated without becoming part of the fun. As an adult or with the entire family, this article would be remiss if not mentioning this iconic titan and expressing how it is intrinsically part of the Carlsbad experience. Not too far from the hotel, it becomes almost too easy to leave the hotel room and venture into the neighboring Lego community.
  • Beaches: You don't have to be a beach bum at heart to enjoy the Carlsbad State Beach during your stay in Carlsbad. Separating the great views and mostly hospitable shoreline from the equation, the Carlsbad State Beach is a great place to enjoy and participate in recreational activity, rest and relax, and sample and dine with others among the very warm culture and atmosphere supported by this very scenic beach.
  • The Flower Fields: The reasoning for selecting this as one of the awesome features provided by MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort's location becomes very apparent after seeing the flowers in bloom. This breathtaking and ultimately visually enticing field of flowers is another crucial factor in why the resort serves as a great vacation destination.

The Local Scoop: If you're looking to ingratiate yourself among the local community during your stay and maximize your stay, here are some helpful suggestions: check out the TGIF summer music festival in Carlsbad, explore beautiful beaches, and use the resort as home base when you need to wind down.

  • Do Yourself a Favor and Relax: Everyone has a different way of centering themselves. Marbrisa Carlsbad Resort seems to understand this perfectly by creating great opportunities for all types of stays.
  • Do Take Advantage of the Location: MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort is definitely located in the heart of the community and the activity. The greatest distance you will find yourself ever traveling is away from the comfort of the resort itself. 
  • Don't Worry About the Quality Service: In fact, you won't have to. Ratings and consistent service make their agreement on this point.
  • Don't be Afraid to Ask the Staff for Suggestions: This list doesn't cover it all. Make sure to ask the locals! 

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