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4th & B

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4th & B

345 B Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm, Sat & Sun Closed

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Top 5 Things To Know About 4th & B

  1. Concerts: 4th & B gives you tons of space to stand in front of the stage. You'll get a great sight line to the stage at 4th & B San Diego to check out your favorite performers in all their glory. See the awesome facial expressions of your favorite musicians as they shred, make noise and rock onstage. 4th & B Gaslamp Quarter makes sure that you have a great concert experience. You can enjoy rock, punk and goth music at 4th & B Gaslamp San Diego one night and come back for hip hop music another night. The line up at 4th & B Gaslamp San Diego always features something new and interesting.
  2. Location: Since 4th & B San Diego is located in the Gaslamp Quarter, you can socialize with new and old friends at nearby bars. 4th & B Gaslamp Quarter is close to tons of San Diego nightlife. Meet up with your fellow concertgoers before the show and grab drinks somewhere in the vicinity. 4th & B Gaslamp San Diego feels lively because it picks up the energy of the Gaslamp Quarter's hustle and bustle. Check out San Diego restaurants nearby, too!
  3. Seating: Get up close and personal with your favorite band by getting tickets for the general standing area. 4th & B Gaslamp Quarter also offers several seating options for those who'd prefer to relax their feet and legs during the show. 4th & B San Diego has 12 box seat areas. Each box can accommodate 8 guests. If you have more friends with you, consider getting one of the sky boxes on the VIP mezzanine. Each sky box is perfect for up to 20 guests.
  4. Private Events: Make sure that your party is the biggest and best by having it at 4th & B. This special event hall has 21,000 square feet that you can use for your celebration. 4th & B San Diego has a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system, so wow your friends and party guests with a great show. 4th & B Gaslamp Quarter is able to accommodate up to 1500 guests so send out the invitations and tell friends to bring friends - there's room for everyone! If you need assistance with event planning, talent booking or catering, 4th & B Gaslamp San Diego will help you create your best event yet!
  5. $4 Dollar Wednesdays: Enjoy a cheap night out on the town. You can keep your going out expenses down by checking out 4th & B on Wednesdays. 4th & B Gaslamp Quarter's $4 Wednesdays feature $4 cover and $4 drink specials. Enjoy rock, punk and goth music during the middle of the week and beat those hump day doldrums!

4th & B features live music concerts and special events in downtown San Diego. 4th & B Gaslamp San Diego offers lots of seating options so that you can enjoy the show comfortably. Different concertgoers like seeing shows in different ways so if you're the type who wants to be as close to the stage as possible, get tickets for the standing area of 4th & B. If you want to sit down and watch your concert, get box seats - or go for the VIP experience and treat yourself to sky box seats. 4th & B San Diego can give you variety every time you come here, and each seating option has its own benefits.

4th & B San Diego can be a great venue for your private party. Your party will be remembered when you have it at 4th & B Gaslamp Quarter. This is a great venue for several reasons. You can have up to 1500 guests at 4th & B. The state-of-the-art sound and lighting system ensures that the entertainment runs smoothly during your event. 4th & B Gaslamp Quarter can also help you with talent booking, event planning and catering. For big events, 4th & B Gaslamp San Diego has the room to accommodate a large number of guests and the services to help you stage a pretty sophisticated production.

  • Do Get A Drink: Enjoy libations during the music show at 4th & B. It's your time to kick back, relax and enjoy a drink at 4th & B Gaslamp Quarter.
  • Don't Forget The Other Events: In addition to music shows, 4th & B Gaslamp San Diego keeps guests coming back for events like comedy shows, fashion shows and even wrestling matches! 4th & B San Diego always has something cool happening for you to check out.


  • Cover Charge: Varies
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • Attire: Casual
  • Age Restrictions: 21+

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