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San Diego Music and Nightlife

Seven Grand Whiskey Bar San Diego

Seven Grand Whiskey Bar in San Diego is a hunting-themed bar with a varied and extensive whiskey selection.

Red Fox Room
History is the often told by the victor. If these walls could talk, they would be of victory and of a great journey. The original Red Fox was an old inn in Surrey,...
Don't tell me there's no music scene in this town, unless you enjoy being dragged over hot coals and being pressed down on a beds of nails.
I should start by saying that with all the folklore surrounding this particular lounge, I wasn't sure I was qualified to state my opinion so boldly. It is true...
Being an afficionado on the bars in this town, I always thought I had my finger on the pulse of the new comings and goings in our local cocktail scene. Recently, I...
Hot Snakes To Play in San Diego?
Since the announcement of a forth coming reunion by legendary San Diego rock band Hot Snakes, rumors and speculation have been running wild as to whether or not the band will
2011 San Diego Music Thing Invades North Park
September 9 and 10 marks the 4th annual San Diego Music Thing, a gathering of music industry professionals and performers in America’s Finest City.
Real Estate at The Sunset Temple
Local non-profit events organizer Sezio presented their second annual Four Day Weekend concert series at the Sunset Temple in North Park.
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