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Belly Up Tavern

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Belly Up Tavern

The Belly Up Tavern
143 S Cedros Ave
San Diego, CA 92075

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Top 5 Things to Know About Belly Up Tavern

  1. Music Venue: Belly Up Tavern in San Diego hosts live music nearly every night. From rising stars to established music legends, the concert venue welcomes a variety of music genres such as jazz, hip-hop, blues, reggae and folk.
  2. Seating: There is seating at the Belly Up Tavern, however it is limited and set up on a first-come, first-serve basis. Guests are welcome to line up early before the show to raise their odds of snagging a seat, otherwise there is plenty of floor space for standing, swaying and dancing.
  3. Tickets: Purchasing tickets for a show at San Diego Belly Up Tavern is simple, as guests can call or visit the box office located at the venue or otherwise buy the tickets online. Unless the show is cancelled or postponed all ticket sales are final.
  4. Wild Note Cafe: Guests are encouraged to check out the tavern's sister restaurant located next store before attending a show at San Diego Belly Up Tavern. Taste the bistro-style meals and prepare your belly for Belly Up Tavern.
  5. Belly Up Booking: After seeing your favorite band perform at Belly Up Tavern in San Diego your band may be inspired to perform on the same stage under the same spot light. The Belly Up staff encourages you to email them your band's web site with audio samples along with your band's biography and list of past performances for a chance to play at the tavern.

Belly Up Tavern in San Diego is located in Solana Beach sandwiched between boutiques and restaurants. Don't let the outside of this concert venue fool you though, as the inside opens up to vaulted ceilings and a spacious pit. San Diego's Belly Up Tavern provides plenty of dance space and air flow so it doesn't get stuffy while you're dancing to your heart's content. The walls of the tavern are covered in artistic posters of past performers, which are perfect for browsing while you wait for the music to kick start, and there is seating available on either side of the stage for those looking to rest up before or during the concert. The tavern also serves up craft beers, IPAs and cocktails to further help you get in the mood to groove.

San Diego Belly Up Tavern is regarded as a top music venue in San Diego, while Rolling Stone magazine went as far as voting it "one of the hottest clubs on the West Coast." The popular venue invites up-and-coming music artists to perform, while numerous well known musicians have graced the stage as well. Musical legends like Etta James, Ben Harper and BB King have performed at San Diego Belly Up Tavern in addition to more recent stars such as Gwen Stefani, Jack Johnson and Maroon 5. Performers who think they have what it takes to sell tickets and get their fans on the dance floor are welcome to email their web page with audio clips to the tavern staff for consideration. 

  • Do Book Your Private Party at Belly Up Tavern: Belly Up welcomes you to host your next celebration or event at the tavern, complete with an event manager, bar and wait staff and Wild Note Cafe catering.
  • Don't Visit Until You are 21 Years Old: Belly Up Tavern is a 21 years and older venue and cannot accept guests without a valid ID. 

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