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The process of becoming a professional comedian can take years to accomplish, and without a stage and an audience to practice with, many young up-and-coming comics find themse
Since emerging in 2002 as one of the breakout stars of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Rob Corddry has slowly managed to carve out a niche for himself as part of the new Holl
The aptly titled Chaos for the Weary, is the latest offering from comedian Lee Camp, which highlights the out of control western downfall for a generation whose wide-eyed wond
Comedian and voiceover actor Jon Benjamin is one of the funniest performers in the world that most people are unaware of. Benjamin began his career in voiceover as Dr.
Comedy veteran Bobby “The Pitbull” Slayton has been performing stand-up for over thirty years and has made numerous appearances on HBO and late night television, including rol
A bona fide product of The Hollywood Comedy Store, Ari Shaffir has come a long way in his career since he moved to California in pursuit of his dreams of becoming a professio
With the release of his latest comedy album, Oslo: Burning The Bride To Nowhere, Doug Stanhope has pushed the boundaries of stand-up comedy by not only recording the album in
As a member of the Half Pint Players, Dan Levy began his career in comedy at a very young age.
Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago helped Sebastian Maniscalco form his unique perspective on the human condition which he conveys effortlessly through his stand-up comedy.
Originality is the only prerequisite in the world of stand-up comedy.
From his days as a member of the notorious Texas comedy crew, the “Outlaws of Comedy,” to his nights spent headlining comedy clubs across the country, comedian Carl LaBove has
Steve Trevino started his career in comedy at the extremely young age of 8 years-old.
INTERVIEW: Christopher Titus
Comedian Christopher Titus has lived a life full of ups and downs.
Mike Birbiglia is a sleepwalker, though not the family friendly kind.
With the NBA playoffs and major league baseball in full swing, what better way to release the stress of your favorite team losing then by checking out one of these great comed


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