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San Diego Music and Nightlife

Have you ever wondered what Joy Division would like if they were tiny Playmobil figures jamming out to ‘Transmission?’ Well German native Dirk Roth did, so he set out to recr
2011 marked the 53rd year of the Grammy Awards.
The King of Limbs album cover, by Radiohead
Do awards legitimize music? Can any art truly be given the “blue ribbon” for being the “best”?
It's a busy weekend at The Casbah. The San Diego institution will be hosting two packed shows on Friday and Saturday.
For many people unfamiliar with the band Deerhoof, their music can be difficult to describe and comprehend, often leaving first-time listeners confused yet...
Though temperatures dropped into the low 50's, UCSD's campus was still heavily trafficked Wednesday night as a few thousand indie rock fans braved the cold weather..
Baltimore, Maryland, has been a hotbed of creativity in recent years. Bands that were playing in people's living rooms and garages just a year or two ago have...
In August of 1994, Seattle's Sub Pop Records released Bakesale, the seventh album by Massachusetts-based band Sebadoh. Consisting of founding member (and former...
In celebration of "Record Store Day 2011" MERGE Records and Temporary Residence Ltd.
Tattoo artist and L.A. Ink reality show star Kat Von D will be in San Diego tonight, taking over the microphone at radio station KPRI (102.1).
The 2011 Coachella lineup has been announced.
Most of the expected elements were here. Kick-off reunion tour show vibe. Sold-out downtown club. Wafting aroma of grape-flavored blunts (curiously, many of the...
Remember that scene in Cameron Crowe's "almost famous" where character William Miller, "The Enemy", walks backstage for his first rock-n-roll intervi
On March 3rd 2007, Snow Patrol took the stage at the SDSU Open Air Theater between a "green flash" and a full moon." (A good omen the band believes!) Before the


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