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Old Town San Diego takes visitors back in time to the early days of America's Finest City. The people, culture and society were all different in historic San Diego's Old Town.

Old Town San Diego Information

Top 5 Things To Know About Old Town San Diego

  1. Five Original Buildings: You can walk around the same buildings that stood in Old Town San Diego ages ago. Reconstructed buildings are fun to look at, but the five original buildings in San Diego Old Town have a significance to them that no reconstructed building can match. Exploring Old Town San Diego's original buildings will give you the unique experience of seeing what really stood here back then.
  2. Time Period: Time travel to the period between 1821 and 1872 when you visit Old Town San Diego. During this time, Old Town in San Diego was undergoing a shift. San Diego Old Town went from being a Mexican pueblo to an American settlement, and visitors can see evidence of this when they walk around and learn about the area.
  3. Unique Retail Shops: Shop 'til you drop at San Diego Old Town. Craft your own candles at Toby's Candle Shop, pick up Indian jewelry and western wear at Covered Wagon, and get books at Captain Fitch's Mercantile. For diamonds and gems, make a visit to Celebrity Jewelry. San Diego shopping is plentiful and varied in Old Town San Diego.
  4. Restaurants: During your day in Old Town San Diego, you can enjoy fantastic cuisine from local San Diego restaurants. San Diego Old Town invites you to eat regional and Mexican specialties, or try Italian, Thai or Japanese food - you have an array of options in San Diego Old Town. Dine on traditional Mexican food at Barra Barra Restaurant & Saloon, or for homemade pastas, eat at Jack & Guilio's Italian Restaurant.
  5. Tours: Let a friendly and experienced tour guide show you around Old Town San Diego. To get the most fascinating stories about the area, taking a tour can fill you in on all the best things to know. Tours in San Diego Old Town can happen in the evenings and focus on the stories about ghosts in the area. In addition to ghost tours, history tours are available with costumed tour guides.

Why It's Awesome: Old Town San Diego is full of the exciting hustle and bustle that you want when you're hitting the town. Events are happening here all the time, and you're sure to find an event that's to your liking. Old Town San Diego has great eateries with several different varieties of food. History lovers will have a field day at Old Town San Diego - the buildings, cemetery and the area have a ton of stories that you'll get to hear during Old Town San Diego tours. Numerous San Diego hotels are located nearby so that you can quickly get to the restaurants, shops and museums in the area.

  • Events: It's a party in Old Town San Diego! You and your family can enjoy celebrations and festivals in San Diego Old Town all the time. During the Dia De los Muertos event in Old Town San Diego, your family can learn about Mexican culture and see a candlelight procession as well as more than 40 altars in the El Campo Santo Cemetery.
  • Places To Eat: Eat delicious food in Old Town San Diego. Feast on Mexican cuisine at Casa de Reyes or enjoy European eats at Twenty Five Forty. If you're in the mood for Asian food, D'O Thai Cottage serves up favorites like pineapple fried rice and pad see ew. Jack & Guilio's Italian Restaurant offers veal, poultry, beef and seafood entrees.
  • History: You and your family will get to learn tons of cool stuff about history during your visit to San Diego Old Town. Exploring the buildings and museums as well as the cemetery and other destinations will give you a great idea of what San Diego was like in its early days. Many of these attractions in Old Town San Diego are more than a century old - and they're original! Others are reconstructed or have been built in the style of the day.

The Local Scoop: San Diego Old Town is full of historic sites for you and your family to visit. Stop by the Alvarado House to see what a home in 1824 looked like. This building is a reconstruction of the original home, and the sister of the last California governor appointed by Mexico lived here. Whaley House was recognized by Travel Channel's America's Most Haunted show as the number one most haunted house in the United States. It's worth a visit - you'll get to walk through the house, check out photos and hear stories about the family that lived here and the paranormal occurrences that have been recorded.

  • Do Get A Margarita: Get a drink with your friends in Old Town San Diego. Try the famous giant margaritas at Casa Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant! Hang out with your friends while enjoying the festive atmosphere of San Diego Old Town.
  • Do Take A Tour: Hear the inside scoop on the area! Whether you're taking the spooky ghost tour at night or a historic tour complete with costumed tour guides, Old Town San Diego is a fun place to explore with a knowledgeable and friendly guide.
  • Don't Leave Without Stopping By The Cemetery: Swing by the cemetery to check out the tombstones. Old Town San Diego's cemetery is a unique place to walk around - and it can be intriguing to wonder about who these people were and what their lives were like.
  • Don't Skip The Shops: Pick up some awesome souvenirs! You can make your own candles, shop for jewelry and even find great pottery and other collectibles.

Old Town San Diego takes visitors back in time to the early days of America's Finest City. The people, culture and society were all different in historic San Diego's Old Town. When you're in the mood to learn about history, San Diego Old Town is the destination for you! Among San Diego attractions, Old Town San Diego holds a charm that's all its own. Old Town San Diego has cool buildings to see that have stood here for more than a century. Even better than reading a history book is being able to actually walk around a place like Old Town in San Diego.

San Diego Old Town connects visitors and locals to the past. There are lots of things to do in San Diego, and you definitely want to put visiting San Diego's Old Town on your itinerary. Old Town San Diego gives you a glimpse of what life was like between 1821 and 1872. Life moved slower, and San Diego Old Town transformed over time from a Mexican pueblo to an American settlement. You'll explore restored buildings as well as reconstructed ones in Old Town San Diego. With plenty of community events happening here all the time, you and your family will get to enjoy activities as well as sightseeing.