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Seven Grand Whiskey Bar San Diego

Seven Grand Whiskey Bar San Diego

Seven Grand Whiskey Bar San Diego
3054 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104

Seven Grand Whiskey Bar San Diego Information

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Top 5 Things to Know About Seven Grand Whiskey Bar

  1. Location: While Seven Grand Whiskey Bar has its roots in LA, San Diego whiskey drinkers will be happy to learn that the bourbon empire has expanded to North Park in San Diego.
  2. Whiskey Selections: Whether you're a wheated bourbon fan or an American single malt kind of whiskey drinker, San Diego Seven Grand Whiskey Bar provides an extensive selection from Tennessee, rye and Irish blended to various single blended bourbons, speyside and Japanese whiskies to appeal to any whiskey guzzler.
  3. Whiskey Society: Whiskey connoisseurs and those hoping to become whiskey gurus are welcome to join the Whiskey Society hosted by San Diego Seven Grand Whiskey Bar. For an annual membership fee, society members can partake in rare whiskey tastings and education twice a month.
  4. Hunting-Themed: Seven Grand Whiskey Bar in San Diego is a trigger happy environment as antlers and deer heads line the walls. With the bar's wooden walls, hunting dog artwork and taxidermy collections down to the plaid carpets, San Diego Seven Grand Whiskey Bar achieves its hunting lodge vibe.
  5. Music Venue: Whiskey isn't the only thing showcased at Seven Grand Whiskey Bar San Diego as the bar now also features local jazz and blues performances at no cover charge. 

Seven Grand Whiskey Bar is a successful whiskey bar that gained popularity in Downtown LA, and due to its growing adoration the bar has since opened up a second branch in North Park, San Diego. Adorned in the same classic hunting lodge decor, complete with with deer and jackalope taxidermy, San Diego Seven Grand Whiskey Bar recently celebrated its debut and grand opening in August 2012. While the hunting-theme decorations and whiskey selections may be similar to the LA whiskey bar, Seven Grand Whiskey Bar San Diego differs from the original in that it boasts a larger beer selection and a stage for bluegrass and blues performers. 

The Irish proverb says, "What whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for," and San Diego Seven Grand Whiskey Bar is the perfect place to test that theory. The whiskey menu contains selections old and new from all over the world. From Australian and Japanese to Canadian whiskies, and of course where would a whiskey bar be without Irish, Scottish, Tennessee and Kentucky blends too? While perhaps a bit daunting for a whiskey novice, the overwhelming selection is a whiskey connoisseur's dream come true. For those looking to challenge their taste buds or brush up on their whiskey knowledge, San Diego Seven Grand Whiskey Bar offers membership to its Whiskey Society. Members of the society attend bimonthly tastings and receive education on the featured whiskey.

  • Do Order the Old Fashioned: A favorite at Seven Grand Whiskey bar, it is a tasty concoction of Kentucky Straight Bourbon, raw sugar and bitters.
  • Don't Forget About the Other Drink Menus: While the assortment of whiskies are all so tempting, there are also whiskey cocktails and beer selections to sip.


  • Cover Charge: No
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • Attire: Casual 
  • Age Restriction: 21+

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