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Sevilla Nightclub

Sevilla Nightclub

Sevilla Nightclub San Diego CA
353 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

Sevilla Nightclub Information

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Top 5 Things To Know About Sevilla Nightclub

  1. Dance Floor: Give us your best "Dancing With The Stars"-worthy performance at Sevilla Nightclub because you've got room to move around the dance floor. Spin around, nail that choreography and have lots of fun moving across the roomy dance floor at Sevilla Nightclub Gaslamp. If you like salsa dancing, go to Sevilla Nightclub for San Diego nightlife that's right up your alley with beginner lessons, live bands and lots of salsa action.
  2. VIP Bottle Service: You can make your night out even better by getting VIP bottle service at Sevilla Nightclub. You and your friends will enjoy a private table as well as your very own cocktail waitress to make sure you have what you need. Sevilla Nightclub San Diego provides front of the line privileges and four complimentary guest entrances with your bottle service reservation. While you're partying at your table, you can make drinks with any of three mixers of your choice.
  3. Plush Lounge Area: Relax with your friends in Sevilla Nightclub's plush lounge area. Hang out and meet new friends! San Diego has tons of interesting people, and you'll get to mix and mingle with fun and friendly people at Sevilla Nightclub. Chat it up with a delicious drink in hand at Sevilla Nightclub San Diego.
  4. Full Tapas Menu: Hungry for a snack? Enjoy the variety of ordering tapas at Sevilla Nightclub Gaslamp. You can enjoy delicious Spanish cuisine that will give you energy to dance later on in the evening. Sevilla Nightclub Downtown San Diego makes sure that you're full and happy after eating Spanish rice, pork, chicken, lamb, shrimp, sausages and bread.
  5. DJ and Live Entertainment: Sevilla Nightclub plays music that's meant to get you dancing! Shake those hips to the Latin beat at Sevilla Nightclub Gaslamp. You can show off those sassy moves that you've practiced in your Latin dance classes. If you're new to Latin dancing, you can easily find a more experienced dance partner to lead and teach you the moves.

Sevilla Nightclub is a salsa dance club in the Gaslamp Quarter. Head to downtown San Diego for a night of Latin dancing! You and your friends may be used to the electronic dance music at many of the Gaslamp Quarter clubs, but if you're ready for a change of pace, try Sevilla Nightclub San Diego. Pull out your dancing shoes, grab a partner and bring out your best dance moves at Sevilla Nightclub Gaslamp. You can also have your private function at Sevilla Nightclub. Inquire about booking the club for special occasions.

Sevilla Nightclub San Diego offers a delicious tapas menu, giving you and your friends the fun experience of sharing a little bit of many different kinds of food. Sevilla Nightclub Gaslamp serves delicious Spanish rice, pork, chicken, lamb, shrimp, sausages and bread. If you've been looking for a tapas restaurant in San Diego, try coming here. After you've filled up on food at Sevilla Nightclub, you can keep partying with drinks and dancing since Sevilla Nightclub's DJ plays great Latin and Spanish music to get you moving. Whether you're an experienced Latin dancer or just learning on the evening that you visit Sevilla Nightclub San Diego, you'll have lots of fun.

  • Do Arrive Early: Beat the lines by getting to Sevilla Nightclub before the crowds descend. You and your friends can enjoy your run of the place - and most of the attention and service from the bartenders - for awhile!
  • Don't Stand On The Sides: Get out there and dance! Sevilla Nightclub is a dance club, after all, and everyone's here to have a good time. Brave the dance floor with your friends. You'll be so glad you did.


  • Cover Charge: Varies By Night
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • Attire: Dressy
  • Age Restrictions: 21+

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