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Nobu San Diego

Nobu San Diego

Nobu San Diego
207 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 814-4124

Nobu San Diego Information

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Cuisine: Modern, creative Japanese; fusion
Alcohol: Full bar with extensive Sake selections
Dress Code: Smart casual
Average Price: $50 and up per person

Quick Facts About Nobu San Diego Restaurant:

• Nobu's Story: Highly acclaimed restaurant Nobu San Diego, located in the chic, forever hip Hard Rock Hotel on 5th Avenue in the city's downtown gaslamp district, is both seductive and habit-forming. Whether you are a local, a frequent visitor or a first-time tourist, you will be intrigued and impressed with the magnetic charm and amazing gourmet menu this leading Japanese eatery has to offer. Founded by world-renowned chef, Nobu Matsuhisa, and international film industry star, Robert de Niro, Nobu restaurants have grown to include 32 different locations in 28 cities across 5 continents. Among these, a major champion is definitely Nobu San Diego, both for its atmosphere and its fabulous cuisine. Here, Executive Chef David Meade carries on Matsuhisa's original goal of creating a myriad of fresh, unique dishes to be enjoyed by everyone. 

• Versatile Dining Mode: Serving artistic and modern Japanese cuisine nightly, Nobu San Diego offers patrons the appealing choices of a casual, delicious meal at the sushi bar or more formal service in the warm elegance of the spacious dining room. Guests can also stop in to enjoy drinks and conversation at the bar lounge. In addition, there is often a dinner party or cocktail reception being held in the restaurant's private dining room. The delicious menu choices are plentiful and creative. You and your partner, family or friends can make selections from intriguing cold dishes, steaming hot entrees, sushi and sashimi, or tempura and tobanyaki---the fine dining pleasure is all yours. 

• Awards and Honors: Founding Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa (or "Nobu") was nominated as Outstanding Chef by the James Beard Foundation nine times between 1997 and 2006. He was also ranked among the eleven Most Influential Chefs of the Decade by Madrid Fusion in 2009 and has continued to fulfill this honored role ever since. 

Ambiance: The interior spaces of Nobu in San Diego’s gaslamp district, designed by the well-known Rockwell Group, include such charming details as a sleek onyx sushi bar and a decorative pendant lighting in the shape of fish baskets. The winning combination of superior gourmet cuisine and sophisticated, but sociable and friendly ambiance lend to the overall stellar quality of this fine restaurant. In addition, the service is consistently excellent. Whether you are dining on sublime Black Cod with Miso or the supremely flavorful Yellowtail Jalapeno, the attractive oceanic decor and accents will complement and enhance your dining experience. You will be at once relaxed and revitalized by this restaurant's artistic fusion of uniquely fashioned food and dining environment along with the spark and tease of fresh, energetic nightlife. 

Why We Dine: Famous for constantly introducing new, creative Japanese gourmet delights, Nobu San Diego on 5th Avenue is highly acclaimed as a uniquely attractive setting in which to enjoy all the delicious aspects of a totally new culinary journey in fine dining. Chef "Nobu" and his Executive Chefs consider each Nobu restaurant to be an open canvas on which a whole new creative menu can be painted or unveiled. Whether your evening meal adventure is Bluefin Toro Tartare with Caviar, Arctic Char with Spicy Yuzu Soy or Banana Soy Toban Yaki, every gastronomic pleasure is divinely delicious. 

• Sushi and Sashimi: Both the sushi and sashimi selections are amazingly fresh and tender. For a delightful variation from Yellowfin Tuna, try the Tasmanian Trout and Kampachi. 

• Tempura and Tobanyaki: Each outstanding tempura dish, whether beef, seafood, tofu or vegetable, is expertly tossed for exterior crispness in steaming hot oils. Meanwhile, the tobanyaki dishes are all cooked to perfection on a ceramic plate and served with your preference of flavorful Nobu Tempura Sauce, Ponzu or tangy Smoked Salt with Lime. These tempura dishes are often popular with children because they are artistically presented, fun to eat and acceptable as finger food.

• Other Exotic Dishes: Another mouth-watering dish is the Japanese Red Snapper Sashimi with Dried Miso, which is unbelievably fresh, tender and subtly flavored. Or guests can try the Lobster with Wasabi Pepper Sauce if looking for something spicy and invigorating. 

We Also Recommend:

• The Oysters with Nobu Sauces are tender, plump, not to be missed. The oysters will melt in your mouth, and you will be astounded at the subtle complexities of these savory sauces. 

• The Black Cod Miso is wickedly rich, smoky and flavorful. It's also a favorite dish of many celebrities.

The Local Scoop: This is one of the best menus and venues in San Diego if looking for an eclectic and intriguing dining experience combining elements of the dramatic, dynamic and daringly delicious, served up to everyday people and celebrities alike. 

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