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Patriot Jet Boat

Patriot Jet Boat

Patriot Jet Boat
Flagship Cruises & Events
990 N Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

Patriot Jet Boat Information

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Adventure on the Flagship Patriot Jet Boat

The Patriot Jet Boat is a brand new addition to Flagship Cruises & Event's roster of exhilarating and quintessentially San Diego activities. If you plan on being in sunny San Diego, California, then a ride on this boat might make for a perfect fun-filled afternoon.

1. A Little Bit of Everything
When guests embark on the Patriot Jet Boat, they get the chance to experience a little bit of everything. From music to the natural wonder of the breeze and the waves, guests on the Patriot Jet Boat can enjoy a truly diverse adventure.

2. Ride Duration and Times
The Patriot Jet Boat won't take up guests' entire days. The 30-minute boat ride packs a lot into a relatively short span of time. The boat leaves every day at 10:30AM, 12:30PM, 2:30PM and 4:30PM. Guests are required to board the jet boat half an hour before departure. Note that weather conditions sometimes affect departure times for the Patriot Jet Boat. 

3. Scenic San Diego Bay
The Patriot Jet Boat provides guests with picturesque views of famed San Diego Bay. The ride even goes by the legendary Coronado Bridge, which is a prominent attraction in the vast city. The ride leaves from North Harbor Drive right by the USS Midway Museum, a well-known maritime attraction.

4. Speed, Speed Speed
People who enjoy the rush of speed are sure to have a blast on the Patriot Jet Boat. The jet boat is equipped with a pair of turbocharged engines, both of which have more than 1,400 HP. The Patriot Jet Boat is all about speed, spinning, swift turns and pure adventure.

5. A Great Activity For Friends
The Patriot Jet Boat can accommodate a maximum of 139 individuals in total. Children and adults alike are permitted to ride the jet boat. The price for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old is $22.00. The fee for adults is slightly more at $27.00. People who are considering enjoying the ride in groups of at least 20 people can inquire about group sales. 

San Diego visitors who love beautiful views, adventure, quality time with good friends and fun are sure to have the time of their lives on the Patriot Jet Boat. The jet boat is hard to miss in San Diego Bay, what with its vivid and patriotic flag design. If you're considering going on this ride, be smart and call beforehand to confirm the departure times, as changes to the schedule are always a possibility.  Do get ready for an exciting and unique thrill ride around the San Diego Bay!  Don't forget to invite your friends! 

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