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Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille

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Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille

Aloha Sushi & Hawaiin Grille
7731 Fay Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037
Mon - Thurs 11am - 3pm, Mon - Thurs, Sun 5pm - 9:30pm, Fri - Sun 11am - 5pm, Fri - Sat 5pm - 10pm

Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille Information

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Quick Facts About Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille:

  • Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille features two great types of cuisine!
  • Aloha Sushi Lounge La Jolla offers delicious all-you-can-eat sushi.
  • Aloha Sushi Lounge & Hawaiian Grille is located in La Jolla, CA which name means "The Jewel".

Ambiance: You might feel like you stepped off a plane into a tropical locale. With plenty of cabanas around Aloha Sushi Restaurant La Jolla, you might think you're at a beach or pool party. Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille is a casual and fun place to enjoy great food! This San Diego restaurant gives you the ultimate lounge experience so that you can nosh on sushi, indulge in libations and socialize in a great atmosphere.

Why We Dine: Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille lets you start your meal on a great note with a wide selection of appetizers. Aloha Sushi Lounge & Hawaiian Grille knows that first impressions are huge - so these starters do not disappoint. Aloha Sushi Lounge La Jolla welcomes you for lunch that's a delicious change from your usual midday meal. With plenty of sides that come with your lunch entree, you'll enjoy a feast fit for a king (and those who dine at Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille). 

  • Starters: Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille offers tons of items on its starters menu. Enjoy coconut crusted shrimp with sweet and sour sauce to begin your meal at Aloha Sushi Lounge & Hawaiian Grille. If you want meat, get the kobe beef slider which comes on a Hawaiian sweet bun with cheese and sauteed onions! You can't go wrong with the sweet potato fries, and adventurous diners go for the Kahlua pig quesadilla.
  • Lunch Menu: In the middle of the day, Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille pulls you through and gives you delicious fuel to stay energized for the rest of the day. The lunch entrees come with your choice of steamed or garlic rice, green salad or macaroni salad, lumpia and miso soup. You're going to eat well - and eat a lot with the lunch entrees at Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille. Options like teriyaki chicken, pork chop, island shrimp and beef short ribs are all appealing lunch entrees.
  • Dinner Menu: The lunch you enjoy at Aloha Sushi & Hawaiian Grille will be so tasty that you'll want to come back with more friends and family for dinner. Aloha Sushi Lounge & Hawaiian Grille offers pretty fancy cuisine, like the filet mignon and miso Chilean sea bass. You're going to eat like royalty when you come for dinner.

The Local Scoop: Aloha Sushi Lounge & Hawaiian Grille's patio adds tons of fun to the dining experience, offering cabanas where you and your loved ones can mix, mingle, drink and eat. You'll need to spend at least $100 during your visit when you use a cabana. Guests love going to Aloha Sushi Lounge & Hawaiian Grille for special occasions like birthdays or bachelorette parties - the cabanas add a lot of festivity to any get-together. This spot in San Diego is fun for hosting any kind of party!

What We Recommend:

  • Big Pappi Roll: You'll get a mouthful of crab, cream cheese, cucumber and daikon sprouts with this roll. It's topped with fresh water eel, baked spicy yellowtail and sweet eel sauce for the ultimate in sushi deliciousness.
  • Killer Shrimp Roll: Try this tasty treat at Aloha Sushi Restaurant La Jolla, chock full of grilled shrimp, crab, garlic, cucumber and green onions - and topped with avocado and grilled shrimp with a garlic chipotle dressing.


  • Cuisine: Sushi and Hawaiian
  • Alcohol: Beer & Wine
  • Reservation Policy: Suggested
  • Price: $$

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