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San Diego Restaurants

Going to a new restaurant is always a tricky endeavor. Going to one that has only been open a week is downright daring. But go we did and in this case the evening...
While San Diego has enough delights and sights to satisfy anyone looking for a great night on the town or a weekend visit, another great feature of this fantastic...
A Taste of Baja: Miguel's Cocina Coronado
Friendly service and tasty cerveza keep visitors buzzing about Miguel's Cocina Coronado.
Located on India Street, El Indio Mexican Restaurant began as a small tortilla shop in 1940, and has since moved locations and expanded to become a local favorite.
Outside the Gas Lamp Quarter and a few other choice restaurant clusters around town, you won't find more creative and delicious presentations than The El Agave Tequileria
Mario Lopez is a very inventive chef. He is the namesake of this pleasant La Mesa Mexican restaurant, normal in every respect, except for one hidden secret.
For twenty five years Angel Salazar has been cooking up some of the best soup in town at La Especial Norte.
Nothing says San Diego better than good Mexican food, and here are my favorite places for South of the Border cuisine on both sides of the border.
Tijuana is becoming a cosmopolitan city, with upscale restaurants to spare, but my favorite place to dine when I go south of the border, is a humble taco stand. I...
Near the Coronado Bridge, in the Barrio Logan, stands a local dining legend.
With literally hundreds of Roberto's, Alberto's, even Hilberto's clones in San Diego, all serving up good Mexican food, you might think the last thing I'd
A torta is a Mexican sandwich, made with special bread, called telera, that you can find locally in most Mexican bakeries.
El Vitral Restaurant
El Vitral unfolds in front of you with its wide-open space and inviting patio, causing us to wonder why we never noticed this place before.


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