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San Diego Restaurants

The Waterfront is the kind of venue that is very like the TV show Cheers (without the fancy restaurant upstairs).
We stumbled upon Nicky Rottens by sheer accident, or was it the universe providing us with exactly what we were looking for?
What joy to be strolling through Little Italy on a sunny Saturday afternoon, rummaging through architectural salvage stores, when we discovered we had worked up an...
"A little slice of Italy" is the best way to describe the service and dishes you will be presented with at San Diego's own Buon Appetito, and while it may sound
As a young adult, the enjoyment of having a night out at a Hard Rock Café was something to look forward to. You could always expect lots of laughter, tasty morsels...
You can't enjoy San Diego dining without frequenting at least one seafood restaurant-- we are on the ocean after all. There are several great choices and for...
In the ever changing face of San Diego eateries, one stands out and has for the past few years, Café Chloe. Located on the northeast corner of Ninth Ave and G...
Selected by San Diego Magazine as “San Diego’s Finest Indian Restaurant,” Monsoon lives up to the proclamation.
Perched in the Zoo's Treehouse complex and surrounded by simians, the Zoo's sole full-service bar/restaurant bears the name of the revered Albert, a long-departed, s
The Lincoln Room (901 Fourth Avenue; 619-696-8888) has been born in the downtown space once occupied by Confidential Restaurant + Loft.
REVIEW: The Red Door Restaurant & Wine Bar
Now in the restaurant’s third year, they are transitioning to an earth-to-entrée eatery.
Empire House in Hillcrest
A show on the Food Network dubbed “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” features celebrity chefs gushing over their latest and most delectable repast.
Three Chefs Shaking Up Gaslamp Seafood
In today’s cult of the kitchen, chefs are the new demi-gods.
Looking for a night of illusions, a night of delicious interesting food or a night of scandal? Look no further than Rama.
El Vitral Restaurant
El Vitral unfolds in front of you with its wide-open space and inviting patio, causing us to wonder why we never noticed this place before.


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