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San Diego Restaurants

A short block off of University Avenue at Robinson and Fifth in Hillcrest, Babycakes will tickle your senses with delight.
It's tough to go wrong with many of the options at this outstanding restaurant.
Cupcakes have become the hot new dessert all over San Diego, and Frosted Robin Cupcake Café has claimed Seaport Village. In this tourist-heavy collection of shops...
The old Universal in Hillcrest didn't likely know what hit it as Eden transformed the joint from an over-priced, lightly trafficked night club into something else.
Last time around, we examined the best of eateries offering San Diego Restaurant Week menus for $40 per person. This time around, let's focus on the stand-outs...
I think the Busalacchi family may be quietly, but methodically, taking over the city of San Diego. At least, the dining scene...
There are so many great places to eat in Hillcrest that we found ourselves gravitating towards the usual suspects, only to find many closed for lunch on a Saturday;...
R-Gang Eatery's moniker couldn't be more apropos.
"I just made it up," says Linkery restaurateur Jay Porter, pausing before breaking into a loud, giddy laugh.
Entering El Zarape Restaurant in Normal Heights, you are immediately embraced by luscious scents of unusually exotic Mexican food.
Join us in our delightful discovery of Café 21, a simple, yet stylish venue that drew us in with a remarkable array of food, comfort and friendliness.
This is not your usual Mexican restaurant assortment of enchilada and taco combos.
Raising a glass of wine to the newly opened Toast Enoteca & Cucina is apropos for a place that offers you endless opportunities for wine by the glass.
The former Trophy's has been transformed into a "cook your own steaks" joint, like its sister restaurant, Gaslamp Strip Club.
Royal India kinda beats to its own drum. Open for a couple of years, the venue is trying a little too hard to cast its spell over prospective diners. The second you...


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