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San Diego Restaurants

San Diego Sunset Dinner Cruise

Journey along San Diego's historic harbor while enjoying fine food, professional service and live music.

Red Marlin Restaurant & Terrace

Red Marlin Restaurant and Terrace in San Diego is located on Mission Bay with panoramic views of the sun set over the water in the evenings.

Dominic Tedesco set out to build an experience where you feel like he is making you a family dinner that you will talk about for years...  Enjoy all that they have to offer

There's just nothing like a great neighborhood spot; someplace close to home where you can stop off after a busy day, or in the midst of the everyday. You know...
Bennett Perry, of San Diego, takes a bite of a fried Kool-Aid ball at the San Diego County Fair.
You walk in to Chedi Thai and you're already pretty jazzed.
Thirty years ago there weren't a lot of places to eat in San Diego. Anyone looking for more than a good taco had 4 or 5 choices, and Thee Bungalow was one of them.
The former Trophy's has been transformed into a "cook your own steaks" joint, like its sister restaurant, Gaslamp Strip Club.
Talk about an unexpected pleasure. On the way to a show at the La Jolla Playhouse, one of those ugly little dining issues presented itself - not quite enough time...
This place is almost too difficult to describe and truly captures a distinct ambiance.
Adobe El Restaurante in the luxurious Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa is just the kind of restaurant you would expect from a well-seasoned establishment....
Just about everything about Café Pasta Pronto is a dichotomy.
Deciding to dine out on Mother's Day sans good Ole Mom is not for the feint of heart. But when Mom lives elsewhere, and you've sent the obligatory flowers and the...
I'm always listening to the sage advice of friends, regarding food that is, with a biased ear. I have been too dissapointed at times with the lack of true culinary...
If you're a longtime San Diegan, chances are you've heard of Phil's BBQ (and if you haven't, where have you been?).


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