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San Diego Restaurants

Dominic Tedesco set out to build an experience where you feel like he is making you a family dinner that you will talk about for years...  Enjoy all that they have to offer

Baleen San Diego

Baleen Restaurant is a San Diego seafood restaurant in Mission Bay.

There's just nothing like a great neighborhood spot; someplace close to home where you can stop off after a busy day, or in the midst of the everyday. You know...
San Diego's Secret Spot for Beachside Breakfast
Picnic tables at Snackropolis overlook the ocean and Scripps Pier.
Bennett Perry, of San Diego, takes a bite of a fried Kool-Aid ball at the San Diego County Fair.
There is a new sake menu that includes a flight of three sakes and a new appetizer menu - "Bu Bites" - consisting of six of their most popular Japanese tapas.
This dish, with its exquisite range of flavors-earthen, salt, smoke, sea-and the perfectly-leveled interplay Ponsaty achieved between them, was one of the top ten...
You walk in to Chedi Thai and you're already pretty jazzed.
When it comes to cakes, the only game is town is Michele Coulon Dessertier on Fay Avenue in the village. Her carrot cake made with organic carrots, walnuts, crushed...
Thirty years ago there weren't a lot of places to eat in San Diego. Anyone looking for more than a good taco had 4 or 5 choices, and Thee Bungalow was one of them.
I'm not a member of the glitterati. Red carpet events aren't my thing and I do my best to keep as far away as possible from celebrity affairs.
Every decent sized city has one of these spaces that have been 10 different restaurants in as many years. San Diego has a few like the little joint at 911 Hotel...
Pacifica Del Mar captures exactly what the San Diego area is all about: Beautiful scenery, divine seafood and a hip, constantly vibrant venue.
The former Trophy's has been transformed into a "cook your own steaks" joint, like its sister restaurant, Gaslamp Strip Club.
For many, the term pub conjures visions of dimly lit Irish-themed bars overflowing with Guinness, Jameson and the raucous white noise of rowdy patrons. This,...


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