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San Diego Restaurants

Ed Moore is an icon of local restaurateurs, and with five restaurants under his belt, he's also one of the most prolific. Starting with Livingston's Chicken...
Addison at The Grand Del Mar
One look at Addison is all it takes to see why it's been put in such an elite class.
RESTAURANT REVIEW: Mediterranean Room
Realizing that bringing the Mediterranean Room into this century was a daunting task, especially for a relatively green chef, the powers that be at La Valencia sought out vete
RESTAURANT REVIEW: Goldfish Point Cafe
La Jolla has other good places for coffee, breakfast, or lunch, but this spot is the most "local," casual, and laid-back.
Plenty of restaurants offer ocean views in our fair city, but very few have a deck right on the sand. The Poseidon has been offering this for decades.


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