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San Diego Restaurants

Three Hillcrest favorites.
Located on India Street, El Indio Mexican Restaurant began as a small tortilla shop in 1940, and has since moved locations and expanded to become a local favorite.
There's a little of New Orleans in San Diego.
Outside the Gas Lamp Quarter and a few other choice restaurant clusters around town, you won't find more creative and delicious presentations than The El Agave Tequileria
Old Town is known for its Mexican Food, but tucked away at the Southern end of San Diego Avenue's run through the center of Old Town is one of the city's best...
Sometimes I fall into the best adventures after getting lost. And, food lover that I am, a restaurant discovery usually lies around the next unforeseen bend.
Whenever Mrs Eater and I go to Costco in Mission Valley, as often as not, we hit the Dragon, for its top notch warming tray Chinese, and its wall of tea.
Who would ever think having squishy, rubbery balls the size of large peas added to flavored drinks would be edible, much less a craze?
This eater found a treasure at the beach.
There's something about almost any buffet that gets my motor running, but make that an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet, and you'd better stand back.
The caviar was only inevitable. Somehow, along the way, this year's birthday had blurred with innumerable fellow celebrants', expanding into...
Perched in the Zoo's Treehouse complex and surrounded by simians, the Zoo's sole full-service bar/restaurant bears the name of the revered Albert, a long-departed, s
Are you short on fish sauce? Missing some Kim Chee in your pantry? How about a live trout, green lipped mussels, and Dungeness crab, so fresh you might get pinched?...
I've sung the praises of the Rickshaw Corner before, but I continue to be amazed. This humble, shopping center Chinese restaurant is just flat out delicious. In...
There's an essential stop just after we head north on Highway 395 off the Highway 15 junction. Bravo Burger in the small town of Adelanto is a little gem of a...


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