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Creekside Grille

Creekside Grille

35960 Rancho California Rd
Temecula , CA 92591
Mon - Friday: 11am - 5pm. Sunday Brunch: 11am - 2pm

Creekside Grille Information

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Quick Facts About Creekside Grille:

  • Temecula Creekside Grille is tucked away in the Temecula Valley at the Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyard
  • Inland Empire Magazine voted Temecula Creekside Grille's Executive Chef Steve Stawinski one of Inland Empire’s Best Chef’s in 2009.
  • The Creekside Grille near San Diego is a Wilson family owned restaurant. 

Ambiance: Temecula's Creekside Grille presents an outdoor dining area with sweeping views of wine country in the Temecula Valley. Located on the Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyard, the patio overlooks the rolling valley and grapevines. Sip on a glass of award-winning wine with a view of where it all began. 

Why We Dine: Guests have the opportunity to pair Temecula Creekside Grille cuisine with the variety of top notch wines from the on-site vineyard. The grille also features an all day Sunday brunch in which guests can indulge in buffet bars and unlimited Champagne. Another reason to dine is that due to fact that a member of the Wilson family has a reaction to gluten, the Creekside Grille takes providing a gluten-free menu both seriously and personally. The restaurant makes certain that not only are the gluten-free substitutes just as delicious as their gluten counterparts, but also that there is no cross-contamination in the kitchen. 

  • Award-Winning Wine List: Temecula Creekside Grille serves wine exclusively from the Wilson Creek Winery, which has received numerous awards from various competitions such as San Diego International Wine Competition, West Coast Wine Competition and the Southern California Wine Country Competition. When dining at Temecula's Creekside Grille, guests are encouraged to taste the winery's pride and joy, the three-time gold award winning Almond Champagne.
  • Bubble Brunch Buffet: Pop open some bubbly and savor the free-flowing Champagne and brunch buffet every Sunday at Temecula's Creekside Grille. All day on Sunday seafood, omelet, waffle, carving and dessert stations are open for brunch. Guests have the option of choosing just the brunch buffet or the buffet combined with all-you-can-drink Champagne for an additional charge.
  • Gluten-Free Menu: The Wilson Family has a special mission to offer gluten-free meals because one of their own was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, which is a health condition that reacts to gluten. Due to this, Temecula Creekside Grille takes great pride and care in providing tasty gluten-free pastas, breads and even dessert. Fortunately all the wines are naturally gluten-free!

The Local Scoop: Because the Creekside Grille is located on the Wilson Creek Winery property, it would take a lot of willpower not to tour the vineyard and sample the wines in the inviting tasting room. Give into your temptations and check out the family-run vineyard and learn about the wine making process.

What We Recommend:

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich: This refreshing twist on an ordinary chicken sandwich features grilled chicken breast, apple wood bacon, sliced honeycrisp apple, Fiscalini Farmstead cheddar, and lettuce with tarragon aioli on an artisan ciabatta.
  • Shrimp Pasta: This Speciality of the Creek is a lemon pepper fettuccine with white wine and smoked paprika butter sauce topped with sustainably raised shrimp. Pair with a glass of wine, and your taste buds and belly will thank you.


  • Cuisine: American
  • Alcohol: Beer and Wine
  • Reservation Policy: Accepts reservations
  • Price: $$

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