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San Diego Restaurants

One of the great things about the Hillcrest area of San Diego is the multitude of restaurants available for you to enjoy.
King's stands on its own as a seafood place to be reckoned with.
The University Heights area of San Diego continues to reinvent itself with interesting, must-go-to restaurants. While it's not quite the Gaslamp District, it...
They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that it provides our bodies with nourishment to get us up on our feet to confront whatever that life...
There are many great restaurants in San Diego for lunch or dinner, but it is a rare treat to find a restaurant that serves up a delectable breakfast with such...
Just northeast of downtown San Diego, you'll find the trendy, yet small-city-feel neighborhood of Kensington. Home to an arts theatre, numerous eclectic restaurants...
If you're interested in something unusual, make your way to El Cajon Blvd. and seek out Pomegranate Russian-Georgian Restaurant .
Situated on the corner of El Cajon Blvd. and 47th street, NHU Y Vietnamese Restaurant is a unique experience of dining pleasure.
Just slightly north of downtown San Diego is an area called Hillcrest. Diverse and eclectic in nature with quaint housing surrounding the main strip of University...
When a friend said she wanted her 40th birthday to be celebrated at Forever Fondue, her husband groaned.
When describing one of her restaurant’s appetizers, Sanam Goviar quipped, “It’s not Persian, but it’s not ‘not-Persian,’ either.”
Three Hillcrest favorites.
Located on India Street, El Indio Mexican Restaurant began as a small tortilla shop in 1940, and has since moved locations and expanded to become a local favorite.
There's a little of New Orleans in San Diego.
Outside the Gas Lamp Quarter and a few other choice restaurant clusters around town, you won't find more creative and delicious presentations than The El Agave Tequileria


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